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Tuesday, 19 March 2019


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I don't there will be blood; we leave that to the French! What there will be is a rising tide of indifference. The ruling class and its supporters in the media don't care what we think and we don't care what they say. Soon they will find that they are just talking to themselves. The rest of us will get on with our lives as if they don't exist.

It would be out of current day order, but a bit of blood might tend to focus the mind since citizens no longer hang crooked pols or judges etc. The powerful pay no particular price anymore. Where the government fears the people there is liberty. Where the people fear the government there is tyranny. Or words to that effect.

If everyone realised at the same time that Brexit is dead, then that would indeed be like a slap in the face. But this process now seems to be managed in such a way as to prevent everyone realising it at the same time

Talking yourselves up into defying with cold steel the will of the people as expressed in your most current vote which yielded a Remainer majority in parliament - that ancient institution you admire so much?

Shame on you.

BOE realizes that "Accidental Liberty" is a warm ray of sunlight in a dark age. Enjoy, BOE.


No I don't think there will be blood, at least not very much, although few things would give me greater pleasure than to see May and Robbins blowing gently in the breeze hanging by good old English hemp from House of Commons' lamp posts and to read that Selmayr had been blown to bits in a drone strike.

However obviously Brexit isn't going to go away any more than Europe as a toxic and divisive issue did after Maggies defenstration of Major's Bastards moment.

In fact it is growing stronger by the day as evidence of Parliament's and the Government's and the Civil Service's duplicity and treachery becomes more and more clear and as the EU itself doubles down on tin-eared pronouncements and imbecilic policies.

It will like Banquo's ghost haunt these feckers for years until eventually we will no longer be members - either because we will have left or because the EU will have collapsed in upon itself or because the whole of Europe is at war again, Germany and France having fallen out again about the correct curvature of bananas or whatever it was last time.

Unlike El Alemain we have lost this round, but Churchill's comment is equally valid - "this is not the end not the beginning of the end; it is the end of the beginning".

Time for some political economic and diplomatic SOE. (But sack the entire civil service first). Set Europe ablaze (metaphorically of course).

The question is about sovereignty first and foremost so wartime analogies seem to me completely appropriate.

The gigantic social fails in the UK and US might be winding down. Poor Mrs. May has been saved from once more doing the same thing and expecting a different result. The noose is tightening around the neck of the Troll in Chief as he suffers a public psychological meltdown. Ya just gotta love politics.

May has attached herself to the lead column of the final assault. But with a twist ...

Instead of saying she would resign if her deal was voted through by parliament and thereby guaranteeing that her deal is passed, she has said she will resign if her deal is voted down, thereby guaranteeing that it is voted down.

And since parliament has already agreed to not allow a No-deal, it means only one thing: after she resigns, parliament will have to revoke Brexit in order to hold a referendum. The EU won't allow an extension unless May"s deal goes through, which it won't now she has staked her job on it. So a full revocation is the only option for a parliament committed to avoiding No-deal, and to avoid civil disorder, or rivers of blood, or something in between, the only option will be to put forward another referendum. It will take years to agree the options, to this is effectively Remain.

So as an ex-Remainer but also with her Deal, Theresa May has made her book. She wins either way. And so does SoD, being enamoured with either option too, but with a preference for Remain. But she leaves her mortal remains on the field of glory.

Dad's Army fked it up. And still tonight that fat-knacker ex-craphat Mark Francois of the ERG still thinks the choice is May's deal or No-deal, and therefore defies May's deal because No-deal is his favoured choice. Plonkers.



The removing of No-Deal by Parliament means diddly-squat as the decision is now effectively out of British hands. If Brussels or any single EU member state vetoes an extension to Brexit, then we are out of the EU regardless.

May has done her level best to submit completely, as demonstrated by the truly execrable WA, but to no avail. If the question of the legality of no No-Deal is going to be an issue, then maybe you and your fellow ultra-Remainers should take it up with Messrs Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt. I am sure that everyone on this forum would be most interested to hear their reply.

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