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Thursday, 14 March 2019


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And here I just tuned into D&N with my first of many cups of coffee(no sugar) and what do I see?!

It's all scripted.

May sits on hands for 2 years with fake Brexit dept to make it look as if stuff is happening. May comes back with worst deal evva and presents it as the only deal. The deal is deliberately worse than remaining. My way or the high way.
It is latterly - when feelings are entirely negative about the May deal - revealed that article 50 can be reversed unilaterally. May deal rejected.
May refuses to resign but proposes that we withdraw a50 to parliament. Labour onside as Tories take the flak and Lab they see it as a way to get into power (calamitous govt cant even wipe their own arse) for decades. May thinks people will still prefer her to the piss-stained tramp. A50 reversed Jan 2019.
That is as far as the thinking goes.

What the Tory party - and indeed the Remaniacs - always seem to forget is what happens next.

What happens at the next GE? What happens when the first UK soldiers are called up for EU duty and one of them is KIA? What happens when the EU calls for ever closer union again? What happens when the next EU budget rolls around and the UK's bill increases? What happens when the next wave of gimmirants and rapefugees pour into the EU? When happens when the next Bataclan occurs? What happens when ridiculous EU legislation affects the lives of UK peeps more and more? What happens when "shitehole country x" is invited into the EU and their shitehole country people legally flood into the UK (only 25 people will come from the eastern bloc countries, promise)? What happens when the EU continue to obscure their accounts? What happens when the EU army violently suppresses Italians protesting at EU imposed austerity? What happens when the EU finally demands a unified monetary policy?

This is the problem that they have. The issues with the EU will just keep boiling up as they have done over the last 30 years. Even the most ardent Eu-philes such at Camoron wanted the EU to reform, which it simply won't do. The only tools that the EU have are threats, deceit and suppression.

"Want to leave our club? We will fuck you up" is only going to end in one way.

The problem is that Bob and his friends are obsessed with sex. I expect its because they aren't getting enough!


It's not like it used to be, but I'm doing alright for an old man. Do you suppose the sprinkles would stick in your teeth?

Finally gotten an answer to that age old question - "Yes, start by licking the icing off" ... and the plus appears to me Miss Messing chose vanilla for the cakey bits!

And rightly so I've commented before reading the article - Praise be I've not made a cock-up of it!

Shut up Bob. Keep it to yourself Romeo.

(That last because Sister Wolf writes on her current post, "With all my desperate hunting and pecking online, I would have missed something noteworthy if it hadn’t been forwarded to me"

And one can never be assured of who might be dropping onto that site!)

Yes, JK, after something of a pause, 'Sister Wolf' is back in full-on, snapping and snarling mode - thank God!

Actually, a few months ago I had the very real pleasure of meeting 'Big Sis' and her sister during their visit to London. Both were charming and elegant ladies.


I'll shut up when you stop claiming a preference for vanilla. I've lived in the South. You're just playing to the crowd.

Yes David she is. Charming and elegant I'm meaning rather than the-face-presented Sister Wolf. Though I've not "met" her sister. And actually I'd like to think I may have played a part in her carrying thru on the Great London Look-up.

Some number of years ago as I was, as they say, coming in from the cold I had a young teens Granddaughter I'd, basically, ... well I'd prefer not using the word 'abandoned' but, essentially ... Anyway the Granddaughter was wishing she could have a Granddad she could ask stuff of.

Problem was I felt I was abit too .. oh 'gruff' I suppose .. still I decided to investigate how I could make that happen but I needed a 'sister' I could ask questions of. And through the Magic of the Internet that was made actual. So, charming and elegant?

Chock full!


As we're on the 'path of discovery' today (generally speaking)


I spent some time in Djibouti, Puntland, and Mali too and I can assure with total confidence my personal preference for vanilla.

No 'playing to the crowd' on that I'm here to tell ya!

Though I will admit to a fondness for lemoncakes.

JK, what can I say. My wife is a natural platinum blonde.

Thanks, JK, that article in 'Spiked', to which you referred above was excellent. What a marvellous invention 'Titania' is!

With a change of armband, this clip is the perfect metaphor for what will probably take place as a result of this week's events.

No doubt, time will tell whether the armband should have been blue with a circle of yellow stars or red with a hammer and sickle.

Watch and shudder.

Richard, thanks for reminding me of that scene which is utterly brilliant and positively drips with irony, not least, the grizzled old man who has seen it all before.

Parliament thwarts the voters.

Getting back to the cupcakes: I remember well, back in the day when the the photos in Playboy and Penthouse etc. were progressing from the crossed legs, pubic hair shots to legs spread wide open showing almost what the young lady had had for lunch. Discussing this with a friend who was a batchelor gay (when that meant happy) he said, “you know Timbo, they’re not really for looking at”.

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