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Thursday, 07 March 2019


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After that shocking conversation that Fluffbun's colleague overheard, I am inclined to agree.


A similar problem has been faced robustly before by Lord Carmont. Politically correct feebleness is one of our problems.,_Lord_Carmont

They called it "Doing a Carmont", Uncle Mort, so perhaps if my idea comes to pass we can call it 'Doing a Duff"!

Rather than hanging, the removal of one testicle would clarify minds...

the removal of one testicle

Why only one?

The problem is that we are ruled by actors. Our rulers gain office by putting on a performance rather than doing anything real, and have no idea how to.

By your own admission there would be errors plus there would be malicious prosecutions and threats by plod to use it for innocent people to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit.

Bring back handguns to defend ourselves. Prosecute as we do now for people that initiate the violence and make sentences real. Life isn't 10 years it should be life. Then it will stop and innocent people will be much safer than what our useless government does now and you are suggesting.

I see where PM May and her government will get to the 'root cause' of these stabbings. They will look anywhere and everywhere. They dare not discover it. All involved will be perplexed.

Done properly AussieD, the removal of one testicle serves as a more effective deterrent than taking both at once.

What's desired for the particular offender is for that individual offender to ask himself the one question, What do I have to lose?

Now of course if the object of the lesson is to impress upon a class of offenders removing both, provided there's a lamppost from which a proper view is readily obtained ought work fairly effectively as well.

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