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Friday, 08 March 2019


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"Democrats" tend to do that 'tearing shreds off each other'. Normal when they were just 'Democrats'. Now they are various degrees of 'leftist' and no single leftist is far enough left to pass ideological purity muster.

What timing!

"The dollar extended its losses on Friday, following a weaker-than-expected February U.S. jobs report. Nonfarm payrolls for the month rose only 20,000, compared with a consensus forecast of 175,000, while the unemployment rate was in line with expectations at 3.8%. Average hourly earnings rose 0.4%, more than the expected 0.3%."

One bad jobs report does not a slowdown make, and unemployment is still low. Still, predictions are really hard, especially when they're about the future.


When the time nears you'll do your bit and predict a Democrat win?

I've come to depend on your never fails David you understand.

You're always of course, in "good company."

Please David, predict a Democrat win!

As we understand David, you can only help. If you will.

Remain as always ever the confident Englishman.

JK, the video on huugetube is a pearl. I always laugh when I watch all those self satisfied nincompoops declaring with such pompous certainty that what happened was never going to.

Just shows they really don’t know too much, eh? No wonder they are still all so pissed off.

Democrats haven't been this angry and out of sorts since their slaves were taken away.

JK, that utube was hilarious and the ones that followed. Anne Coulter called it right.


The YouTube video should be required viewing for every political opinion writer, talking head and "expert operative". The Simpsons called it best.

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