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Saturday, 30 March 2019


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Let's hope he is the first of many, and that judicious tactical voting culls any remaining liars who manage to keep the support of their local party. The storm that's coming can't be rough enough for them.

To complete the "liar-detoxification" process you might put Dipso-Davis, BoJo, JRM, Raab, and IDS up against a wall too. Or was that "pussy-liquidation"? They really have ducked you up, eh Gaffer?

The only one who stood firm to the end was Mark Francois. At Bristol Uni after I attended my inaugural and only visit to the Anarchists Society, I followed up that evening with my inaugural and one and only visit to the Conservatives, the two being the only clubs and societies I joined while there. Francois who was Chair of the Tories was heard to say, "Who the f**k is the bloke with a parrot on his head?" in reference to my excessively trendy and rather fetching mullet haircut of the times, for it was around 1985 and the heyday of the Iron Lady.

Well, what can I say, but, "At least I wasn't a Rupert in a craphat several years later, but rather a Tom sporting headgear of a rather fetching maroon hue", or something like that.

And for all his "War Studies" - see here ...

... for details - he fell on the Field of Glory alone and a failure only a few hundred yards from Teflon Theresa, the gap between them being the space vacated by the so called "hard" Brexiteers who, if they'd had a bollock between them, might have turned the day in their favour.

And yet my playing with toy soldiers, the "War Studies University of Life", for the decades in between foresaw his fate and how he and his fellow "hard" Brexiteers might have avoided it.

As for the future, one has to wonder at the Machiavellian craftsmanship of Michael "the Bastard" Gove (of this manor). He has kept his powder so dry, his sabre so sheathed, I mean has anyone heard a peep out of him except for that fantastic speechifying he put out to the House when Teflon Theresa was away a week or two back? A bit like clearing the streets with a whiff of grapeshot it was, apparently.

Well I'm willing to lay a wager of 51p, one pence for every one of the majority that ousted Grieves (generous, I know), that Gove will survive the "Brexit Terror" and live to say those great, great words, "I didn't steal the crown. I found it lying in the gutter, and I picked it up with my sword. But it was the people who put it on my head".

Can't wait to see him go into action proper! I wonder where and when he will strike? Where and when will his Toulon will be?


If you Google "Dominic Grieve deselection", the BBC article provides a handy link to a petition asking his C A. to get shot of the bugger. Takes 2 minutes, I feel greatly refreshed, and there are other petitions to deselect Soubry and that nasty pug-faced woman who's married to Ed Balls.

He voted for the referendum because he never invisaged the the punters would vote to leave. Such arrogance has its rewards, so goodbye sir the dustbin of history is waiting for you.

Perhaps -- The Maidenhead constituency will pay the same compliment to Ms May.

The Maidenhead constituency

Would it be uncouth to suggest that if she gets the flick that she has lost her maidenhead?

I believe Dominic Grieve's father was my MP in the 60's. He was not a nice man either,a part time Judge who combined a Law practice with being an MP,and not doing justice to either.

Back with breastplate and helmet:

No more 'nice guy' this time.

The softies have voted themselves down again. This time only 4 times, in contrast to the 8 of last week.

Well, you may have wondered where my prescience comes from, forecasting so far in advance and with such accuracy the shitshow we are all witnessing.

Well, as BOE often observes, I am from another planet. And my master is Lord Buckethead, from whom all truth and righteousness exudes ...

"It will be a shitshow".

All Hail Lord Buckethead!


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