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Saturday, 30 March 2019


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This was supposed to help out by showing the intended picture in the previous post.

Many thanks, Swift, and you will be pleased to know that you have been appointed Technical Director of D&N to replace SoD who did nothing!

I'm on holiday,you're on your own for IT support Gaffer.

Won't stop some grenades rolling as and when.

Very interesting feedback from the grass roots over here in Czech Rep. The ordinary folks are somewhat terrified of Brexit. My basic position was "It's beyond reason and analysis now, just take it one a day at a time" and their response was, "How can you say that, Theresa May is scaring the shit out of us?!!"

And there was I thinking Blighty's upper lip was wobblier than me after 8 Starobrnos and uncountably infinite (does exist, maths, look it up) Slivovice chasers, after Lady Di Queen of Hearts and all that bollocks infested the nation whenever it was way back when. But I discover we live next door to an even bigger bunch of knee-knocking yeller-bellies.

Makes ya praad to be British, don't it?

Or maybe after 40 years of Bolshevism in their near history, they know something we don't?


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