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Friday, 29 March 2019


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We voted to regain control of our country and return it to the House of Commons. They don't want it. So, let us revoke Art 50 and abolish Parliament. The civil service will continue to run the country, with their orders from the Sprouts.

Short of a vote of no confidence in the house, which would need Tory backing and need to be repeated in two weeks in order to bring about a GE under the FTPA; or an assassination, Mrs May will be PM for the foreseeable future.
She is so easy for her backers to manipulate that they will manipulate her into hanging on.

Seems Ollie Cromwell's words are as relevant to the current bunch at Westminster as they were in April 1653.

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place,which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice.

Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government.

Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Something out of the ordinary is going to have to happen within the population or within the government. A necessary correction. Political elites selling their country "for a mess of pottage" to a foreign power should tip the balance.

This describes 'our' administrative state and I believe Britain's as well. From Instapundit this morning:

"The bureaucrats who operate the machinery of the administrative state are, for the most part, merely crew. The pilots are those whom some have taken to calling the “deep state.” But a simpler name for them is Angelo Codevilla’s “ruling class”: the people who revolve in and out of senior government, and lucrative private sector, positions; run the hedge funds, big banks and other corporations; set the tone and agenda for all society; and tell the administrative state what to do, either directly or indirectly. One might say that the deep state and the administrative state are a kind of coalition or partnership, though the former is most definitely the senior partner.

The bureaucrats, their bosses, and their cultural cheerleaders are prone to delusional thinking in order to mask, even to themselves, the essential self-interestedness of their rule."

Is Larry The Cat available?

There is nobody suitable that would be accepted by the scum bags in parliament. We need a complete cleaning out and I just don't see anyone on the horizon who would do it. Not yet anyway until it has been screwed up completely.

Most of the public in the UK are so thick that they still think these guys have learnt their lesson so they will give them another chance.

Screaming Lord Such. A sad indictment on the state of our parliament.

Alas, Steve T, I think 'Jack the Dog' ate him!

Whyn't y'all jerk David 'Call me Dave' Cameron's ass outta retirement and re-install him back into No. 10?

I mean to say 'Our David' finally settled on him, the Cameron fellow, being whichever was the better character either of Troillus or, oh whatwashisname Carolina wazzit ... whichever it was who was the "better man"?

I suppose I could hit the archives but I reckon that David will recall.

Like more than 17m+ people, I voted to quit the EU.

We didn't vote to quit subject to some sort of deal or conditions. We voted to quit.

Exit with no strings. It's 'Simples', Mrs Mayhem.

You and the rest of the traitors running around like headless chickens are a shameful, incompetent disgrace.

David, you're down in Somerset, get yourself to Glastonbury Tor and see if a few incantations can raise King Arthur. There's work for Excalibur...


Or his doppelganger!


Not one of you has mentioned anyone who would have done any better given the factionalism in parliament and hoi-polloi.

If you think the situation is dire, console yourself with the knowledge that all the others on offer would have garnered less votes for their ++ -- whatever crackpot variation of Brexit or Remain. The gridlock would have been more solid, the conflict deeper, and the chaos more impenetrable.

Juliet Samuel describes, albeit some days, weeks, months or is it even years already, after I did, the utter idiocy of the Brexiteer factions ...

These guys are seriously weird: cranks, crackpots, dreamers, uncompromising, wrinkly-stubborns and country-bumpkins. The very essences of *un-British*.

The Remainers had the opportunity to sink these freaks forever, but then voted down their own 8 motions in parliament. Not 1, but 8 individual bills of their creation.

Three years ago I told you this was going to be a shitshow. I told you the Brit Pol class was the worst in its history, no better than it was 1945-1975, in fact worse for 45 years of idleness while a better more accomplished power had the subcontract.

JK is on the right track exploring a Dave Cam type person of the Remain fraternity as the soft Brexiteer way out, if only by a process of elimination: all others have failed and that's the only option left - bar one. But the raw material he or she has to work with just voted down 8 out of 8 of its ideas. Not a great foundation.

The only option that has been voted through by parliament is not to accept "No-deal", and in the absence of any other majority options the only option left is therefore hard Remain.

Your generation had two chances to show us what you were made of: 1945-75, and 2016-2019. You gave us two shitshows.

So our verdict on your plans: Thanks, but no thanks.


And I see Dominic Raab has just ratted you out today as well, Gaffer ...

He voted for May's half deal today. Not even a full pussy. A mere half pussy. Top quality, what a pol.

So who's your favourite now then, eh?

In your heart of hearts and your head of heads you know Mr Juncker is your only option.

For you Tommy, ze vorr really is over.

Another 45 year subcontract and let the generation as yet unborn see how they do.


you are all wrong.
the best ruler of the UK would be me.
Born 1935 so experienced the UK when it was Britain.
Migrated 1961 so untainted with all the gross new ideology.
And not some uppity whipper snapper.
That's me = so send the crown to me c/o Australia.

The best leader would be me. We would leave the EU tonight at 1159 hrs GMT. The EU grovelling gravy train would end.

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