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Tuesday, 02 April 2019


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We can always watch Germany alienate everyone from the Eastern block to the Meds to the French and always Britain. They are doing a fair job of adding the US to that list as well. Germany will run Europe.

Meet Mr. Jon-Ber-Ko, our first home-grown Chinese troglodyte.

Well old boy, it seems your oft-repeated "I fear for America" trope on other blogs has largely been 180 degrees off the mark. There's no irony in Monty Python being your Redeemer. That cynical, sawed-off, opportunistic weasel Nigel Farage is not so much, you will undoubtedly discover.

Spot on, Gaffer! I'm with you 100% on that.

Everything else actually keeps working when politics stops working, in fact, even better than when politics is working. Their utter self-distraction gives us "Accidental Liberty".

The Czechs acidly observed this when that plane went down in Poland a few years back, killing all 180 politicians who were on board. "If it were full of engineers, or doctors, or bus drivers, then there'd be a problem", they said. "But it was full of pols, and so there's been absolutely no problem whatsoever".

By God the Czechs are born to Libertarianism. I suppose if you spent one half of the last century with the pencil moustachioed chappie and the other half with Uncle Jo your Libertarian instincts might be somewhat finely tuned.

Sadly I observe that Bolshevik nutjob has got one buttock cheek on the top job seat now, as Theresa May has to "reach out" (hate that phrase) to him to break the log jam.

Don't reach out, Teflon Theresa. Logjam is just fine. Long trip over the oceans of the world with the whole lot of them onboard a 767 MAX with no Boeing software updates is even better. One can but hope.


Y'all are stuck with that dopey phrase "reach out" too? Maybe the world has gotten too small.

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