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Wednesday, 17 April 2019


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Who would have thought that one would be judged by the color of the skin AND the contents of their panties (or in M Obama’s case, underpants) to qualify for the most important job in the world.

Apologies to MLK

The Dems have become the 9/12 Party. The Rs, the 9/11 and before. The left did not get on board the post attack harmony train. They were reevaluating tactics and reloading for the next phase of their culture war, which looks to be near-eternal these days. Thus Barack Obama and the "Magic Bus" of "woke" imbeciles looking to get the party nomination. Our response to 9/12 Democrats has been Trump. Through him, the Dems are finally revealing themselves.

As always, The American Thinker is fantastic! As in "a fantasy". If the Democrats ran Hillary again, I'd vote for Trump. Michelle Obama has stated she won't run, and no other outlet I can find even mentions her. To make their writing even more dumb, they ape the "clown car" meme that was widely used for the 2016 Republican primary campaign. You know, the one in which "Little Marco" talked about the size of Trump's dong.

'Stick around, kid, you ain't seen nuttin' yet!'

Ahem David,

I'll be expecting the usual plain brown wrapped check (cheque?) as I've spent all morning calming Barney after he'd, apparently, got to your post before I did. Good God man, haven't we been through variations on the theme quite enough by this point David? Barnie Sanders?!!! ?

It's B E R N I E dammit Sir! No "A" at'all! (I quieted the fellow of course pointing out y'all Englishers tendencies toward of quarrelsome ways of misusing vowels is what's, hopefully, the thing that's turned the tide else you'd be hearing soon from Barney's firm Lowdon, Dirtee, and Hunged Esqs.)

Just David, don't let it happen again.


The Dems could find (90% odds) a much better candidate by putting the names of their registered primary voters in a hat and drawing a name. (They might have to do several draws to find one who is living.)

Yo David, Bob,

Yall're familiar with the Washington Post are ye not? Well ... this look familiar to y'all?

Oh and Bob, take a couple aspirins and lie down abit - nothing too strenuous for a day or two - And its perfectly normal Bob for big boys to cry. A year from now Bob nobody is gonna remember your boohooing on the comment threads of D&N.

Well except for mebbe the Chief Archivist.


I'm shocked, shocked! that people who only watch Fox News agree with Fox News! And who woodda ever guessed both Fox News and the people who watch Fox News agree with the Trump administration, or that they would all agree they were all right all along? Wow. That Gary Abernathy is one smart cookie! And he probably never even heard of irony! I hope they paid him a bundle to break that news.


Seeing as how you'er shocked in your presumption I "only watch Fox" you might ought get yourself an appointment with a competent psychiatrist asap.

The actual fact is, at least during the cable-primetime hours, I don't watch Fox at all. What I do watch religiously is actually Rachel Maddow.

And for the Sunday Shows which is really the only dedicated slot I religiously schedule I watch all that's available in this order: 0700 Chris Wallace, 0800 MTP, 0900 Fareed Zakaria, 1000 I toggle between Fox' Howard Kurtz' and Cnn's Brian Stelter, 1100 MSNBC's Alex Witt, ending my Sunday viewing with PBS' Firing Line with Margaret Hoover.

(I'm pretty sure Fox doesn't pay many Washington Post columnists Bob.)

JK, I worry about you - get yourself a life!

No need to be concerned David, and certainly not, "worried."

You'll have noted no mention of me watching any cable stuff except for the primetime slot, indeed no mentions at all of news-stuff during the work-week?

After all I've got yourself skimming the news for me have I not? Now I do watch my regional station's daily output but, that's mainly to be aware of, primarily and especially this time of year, the weather situation. Just this last night as a matter of fact the lightning and the winds were remarkably unruly - and in this light of the day I realize the trip I made to the beer store yesterday in advance of the storm's arrival was well-advised. So, no need for you and Sister to worry I'll be swept off any low-water crossings today making my way toward the Gulf of Mexico dodging oil platforms.

Now it's true I read alotta "reports" but, those are mainly about stuff that's never gonna be main-featured on any of the cable thingies if only because they're concentrated toward Washington DC and its environs. I do after all, continue to participate on panels deciding the output of NightWatch. Can't be bothered by tv people's opining about Trump-tweets when there's the danger Trump will get around to "Bob's fear of our nuking the EU" and general war breaking out.

Oh yeah. And I read transcripts too. Matter of fact I've got a pretty hefty one just very recently I'll have to spend probably at least a week on before I can offer informed conclusions - unlike Bob's methodology - to further my understanding of the recently passed 2+ years.

So you can David, confidently, chill out.

My Gaaaaaard! Surely you are not going to read 'that report', JK! Do yourself a favour and get up 'in them thar hills' to Barney's place!

You OK, JK? Looks like you had a bit of weather there. Stay in the cave until it's calm and look after the dangles.


I didn't mean to imply you watch Fox News. I was only commenting on the paragraphs where the writer explains Fox to the uninitiated who probably don't exist. Frankly I think the writer is a wise guy and the WaPo didn't do itself any credit printing him. But he's a freelancer, so filling the space probably didn't cost much.

Okey dokey Andra,

The house I live in is made of good ol' Arkansas Stone and copper roofed. And, as should be plainly clear

The good ol' Ozark range did its part too in shielding me from the worst. (Though I did earlier this year clear the entrance to my 18 inches thick concrete-walled "root-cellar" of the fruit tree debris of the winter past.)

And like I said - I stocked beer before the storm hit.

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