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Tuesday, 16 April 2019


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I remember getting a touch of food poison In Bratislava a long time ago. Hopefully they cook pork schnitzel better now.

That was bad luck, Whiters, because my abiding memories of Czechia was that their pork dishes were superb.

Kinda like home from home, according to my Slovak friends.

Brexit nutters bump off MP's here, and mafia hoods bump off journalists there ...

I'm not sure which is the more audacious and evidence of dysfunction and decay: pol-popping or hack-whacking?


Which "Brexit nutters" bumped off which MPs?

Brexit nutters bump off MP's here

Numbers? Proof of connection to Brexit?

Please don't try to inject realism into SoD's fantasy posts. Spoils the fun.

Jo Cox?

Forgotten about her already, have you, but happy to hand out the haughty crits on Slovak society?


Boom. Boom. Boom.
And another one bites the dust ...

And you're worrying about the Slovaks?


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