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Friday, 12 April 2019


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If it must be gin, try one you have the energy for:

1. Comfortable Fuzzy Screw
2. Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall
3. Comfortable Screw
4. Comfortable Screw Against a Fuzzy Wall
5. Sloe Comfortable Screw #2
6. Sloe Comfortable Screw #3
7. Sloe Comfortable Screw #4
8. Sloe Comfortable Screw Watching a Sunrise
9. Slow Comfortable Screw
10. Slow Comfortable Screw on a Dogbox

also see...
1. A Short Southern Screw
2. A Southern Screw
3. Blue Hawaiian Screw
4. Cuban Screw
5. Fuzzy Screw
6. Grand Hawaiian Screw
7. Passionate Screw
8. Peachy Screw
9. Sloe Gin Cocktail
10. Sloe Gin Fizz

and the following drinks, with similar ingredients...

1. A Little Bit Of Maeve
2. Alabama Slammer #2
3. Cherry Over The Edge
4. Comfortable Fuzzy Screw
5. Comfortable Screw
6. Cranberry Cooler
7. Favorite Slammer
8. Gooseberry Jam
9. Ha Ha Tonka
10. Machine
11. Manhandler
12. Mississippi Bug Juice
13. O.J. Comfort
14. Pink Flamingo
15. Screwdriver
16. Sloe Comfortable Screw #2
17. Sloe Comfortable Screw #4
18. Slow Comfortable Screw
19. Slow Screw
20. The Irish Roundhouse Kick

Read more: Sloe Comfortable Screw recipe

I hope all goes well. In my experience the lassitude should wear off once the infection is nobbled. Nitrofurantoin works best for me.

An ice cold shower followed by slapping one's self smartly across the face several times will often restore get-up-and-go. If that doesn't work go back to bed.

David you'll be fine

Yes I know David, you've previously said the only Olympic sport you like is women's volleyball. You might reconsider ...

JK, you will be hearing from my lawyers in due course - I may have suffered a seizure!

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