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Thursday, 25 April 2019


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Politics aside, Chinese engineers are generally very good. Their 5G system has a major advantage: It requires less hardware and is therefor lower in cost and easier to build. However, considering their history of hiding nasty surprises in embedded (ask SoD) and other software, it would be wise for y'all to exhaustively reverse-engineer before using it.

"stygian blackout of total ignorance:

Don't fret! We are in the hands of Mrs May and her band of technical experts.

I've no idea how good the kit is, but given that Theresa has OK'd it, I can safely say that adopting it is a bad decision for the UK.

"Chinese engineers are generally very good"

Who says so? What major inventions are Chinese? They are a bunch of plagiarists. Better to buy American or British.

Well BOE there was gunpowder.

But then again Chinee gunpowder is kinda smoky.

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