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Wednesday, 03 April 2019


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Your old battalion at least knows an enemy when they see it. Targets are everywhere these days.

It's not as if they were actually shooting at Corbyn. It's one of the signs of a mature and confident polity that young men behaving irreverently and stupidly don't cause senior politicians to start tweeting constitutional platitudes.

British soldiers have a sense of humour. They probably thought it was Bin Laden after Turkish makeover.

British soldiers do indeed have a sense of humour. Some ex-squaddies may recall the idea of havng toilet paper with a sketch of Robert Mugabe's face on each sheet, which allowed them to show what they thought of him, and colour him in at the same time. I understand during the troubles in Northern Ireland, McGuinness and Adams' faces were considered, though that wouldn't have had the same effect.
Some years later, in West Berlin, a young soldier was taken to task by an over officious RSM for having a Union Flag as his bedspread cover, on the grounds that it insulted the country it depicted. At the next room inspection, the soldier stood by his bed, which had a large East German flag as his bedspread cover. The young Lt, who had accompanied the RSM previously, found it very difficult to stop from smiling.

And so it has always been. Unloved and unwanted until the shit hits the fan.

Rudyard Kippling's "Tommy" sums it all up.

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