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Monday, 29 April 2019


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What Trump and we Normals have done is cause harm to American Liberals by triggering them to reveal themselves. This same thing has happened to the global Left as well. Their activism-resistance is just mental illness acting out.

Why would Vlad praise Trump? It's not like the leaders of every other country on the planet have recognized he'll do anything for praise and has no sense of legal or any other bounds. What a mystery!

You might like to explain your mysterious comment, Bob, but on second thoughts, don't bother!

"personal eccentricities"

You mean he is white? Heterosexual? Has a younger beautiful wife? Has children and grandchildren? Speaks English? Hasn't spent all his life sucking on the public teat?

This sort of thing is part of how we got Trump. Every Western democracy will need a "Trump" in due course. Western Elites sense it, average citizens now realize it.


Well Whitewall there's a good reason they've stopped those sorts of meat sales ... everybody knows, doncha know, for that kinda stuff one needs "preparation."

And if one must buy a whole damn set ...

Well I have just found another way to cause irritation in stores that adopt rediculous practices kow-towing to the "hairies".

I shall start going to the Subways I pass and ask for Kosher meat in my choice of roll and complain when they tell me they don't do Kosher meat.

I am persona non grata at a Vegan food stall at a local market after asking for a bacon and egg sandwich. My youngest grand daughter thought it was hilarious.

Growing old can be fun so long as you don't take life too seriously.

And if one must buy a whole damn set

JK there is an upside to buying a set rather than buying them singly. Saves on multiple trips to the store and establishing a pattern for the Rozzers to pick up on - if they aren't too busy locking up people for expressing their opinions on certain subjects that is.

It’s interesting to see how the left give their own a pass:

Wigner's Friend,
"Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats" JT

There can be no evil on the Left. Only the Right.

Ahoy AussieD!

Y'all having your submarines built by the French?

Good luck with that.

Belay AussieD,

Further reading of your papers:

Advises me y'all are gonna get along swimmingly.

JK, better than letting the Germans build them! They would build a sub that wouldn't submerge, only float 20 degrees to starboard.

Well Whitewall I suppose you have a point there ... but I wonder which'll be finished first, the Notre Dame restoration or Australia's submarines?

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