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Wednesday, 03 April 2019


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I think there are two possible explanations here. Either it is down to personal failings, and May has been stupendously inept in everything she has attempted. Or there is a pre-existing script which has been agreed to by the main players. Either way, we are now about to see what happens when the British people are comprehensively betrayed.

The Tory party is dead, this is an ex-Tory party, the Tory party is no more!

Sort of like a Monty Python parrot

Thanks for that, AussieD, it still cracks me up!

I read somewhere that 20% of UK ministerial positions are unfilled. Has anyone noticed any difference? On similar lines, Donald Trump has hundreds of people awaiting confirmation. Has the US government ground to a halt?

Anyone wondering about Mrs May, should just pop over to YouTube and review a few episodes of Yes Minister!

Nonsense ! May took a 'hospital pass' from the arch clown Cameron who gave in to the hysterical screeching of Farage and his acolytes.
We gave the tattooed simpletons the power to change the way this country is governed and we are knee deep in the smelly stuff because a] we had a pathetic negotiating team and b] it's taken three years to understand the possible alternatives and their consequences plus the likely rsponse of the EU;this is it ,take it or leave it.
We have been a shambolic mess, they , disciplined , unmoving and holding a very good hand.

May wasoutgunned and outclassed from the off.

Another woman? David you are awfully loose with your affections!

Nah Whitewall, David just keeps adding to the list ...

(And given Sarah Palin tops it, Ann Coulter's second, David better be finding something to beseech/pray to else he finds his testicles in both at once Florida and Alaska!)


Gaffer, there is only one reason why Bolshevism has got half a buttock on the top seat - and THAT'S YOU!

Your Dad's Army mob should've slapped Teflon Theresa's hand. She did her best and served up the hardest Brexit possible given the circs. You fluffed it.

And I told you she'd call in the reserves. You're like one of the divided armies of the losing side that's been done in by a canny manoeuvre of the central position, and yet still continues to hang around and even attack the victorious enemy in the centre although outnumbered many to one!

Dying heroically - something you chaps do so awfully well!

All other sensible armies run like duck when done for in this way - like the allies at the battle of Tourcoing - and take whatever retreat is on offer in such circs, so that they live to fight another day.

Your one and only hope is that May's reserves, the soft Brexit mob, are equally as dumb, factious, and stubborn as your Dad's Army, or more so. In this sort of race to the bottom of intelligence, cohesion, and compromise, it's the least worst who wins.

And to be honest, I think you might be in luck there!


I haven't been to Rogers in many years. These your neighbors?

Blast it!

Nephew tells me Whitewall it was, "in the beginning" quite the tale those two wove. You'll recall my putting it hereon D&N (I'm thinking in reply to Bob) my nephew's 'Arkansas SRT' and knows all the neat dumbasserys?

Well. That was a hefty dumbassery. Took place, as I understand, four doors down from a US Marshals "safe house" covering a person in some uhm ... kinda unusual situation, and now the younger of the two's on suspension from ... whatever.

But no, not my neighbors. Up2L8's I'm thinking .. at least his side of the lakes.

No Deal Brexit just got cancelled - by one vote!

Oooooh, aaaaaah, goes the crowd!

Now there's no hard Brexit for you whatsoever, Gaffer.

Gaffer, you just legitimised that Bolshie half-buttock in the eyes of the Blighty hoi-polloi by not slapping May's hand and allowing the situation to get this far.

If Jezza is allowed to claim the soft Brexit victory as his own due to his interventions we'll be in double-buttocks territory at the next election.

And the irony is the only thing that will spare Blighty from the excesses of nationalisation, collectivisation, and all other forms of state authoritarianism that would turn Blighty into the Venezuela of Europe, like it was in 1975, will be the rules and regs of the single market and customs union.

If that doesn't prove to you the value of two layers of governance to stop abuse by one then nothing will. Too delish for words!

Good call 23rd June 2016. Honestly, what were you thinking of?


I have no idea what Mr Duff was thinking on June 23rd 2016. But I know what I was thinking. I wanted us to leave. Quite simple really. However, I said on here at the time - the fatal flaw was in thinking that the very ruling class that got us into this mess would be in charge of extracting us. Stand by for No-Brexit.

Yup, they do be on this side of the crick. I here'd tell they be quite the source of entertainment for the locos locals.

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