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Thursday, 04 April 2019


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It's only London.

Betrayed her masters with a kiss.

I look forward to a 3-way image of May, Corbyn and Sturgeon captioned, "When shall we three meet again...".

At least today's cartoon didn't feature Jeremy and Diane in flagrante.


It was probably only Moscow under Stalin, and only Teheran under the Ayatollah. The UK is now officially a shit-hole dictatorship, so it doesn't matter what the people want.

The never ending battle between freedom and power. Power now knows how close people can get and people now know what Power will do when threatened. Usually something well out of the ordinary is needed to tip the balance.

Yeah, look what you did.

Are you Leninists in disguise?


A week or two ago I predicted more delay and was right by 1 vote. Off to buy a lottery ticket ...

It's funny, the one vote that swung it was cast by Fiona Onasanya, a lying ex-con who happens to be black ...

If you were desperately trying to construe the most implausible, unlikely to ever happen, thing in the world that would send Dad's Army, the Country-Bumpkins, and Daily Mail readership into a frenzied melt-down of fury and consternation, nothing would surpass a lying black ex-con stealing their Brexit!

And that just happened!

Someone up there is having a great laugh at our expense.

Forget the lottery ticket Bob, just think of the most outlandish, never-could-happen, thing possible in the Brexit saga - and put your money on it instead!



Somewhere along the same line, Chicago now has a black lesbian mayor. And one of your favorite scenes has had its subtitles reworked:

Oh Bob, that's bull's eye of the whole saga!



I love the way JRM says if Blighty ends up stuck in the EU, we should "Bally well be dashed awkward and hold up the budget, stop the EU army, and block deeper integration".

Yes, you dingbat, that should be standard issue, and was and is our right under the EU treaty so to do. Why would this girl's blouse wait until now to "Bally well be dashed awkward"!? Why not up the ante and loop in the Baltics, Nordics, Ost Blokkers, and Club Medders now they're an active resistance after us waiting patiently for 45 years, and stomp on some Froggie and Jerry faces? Does this guy have a brain for politics, war and gloves off fighting?

And Gawd help us it won't likely happen now, but can you imagine this pussy negotiating with Trump, India, and the Chinese? "If you send us that clworinated chwicken I'm going to sqweam and sqweam until I wet in my pants".

FFS, you couldn't make it up.


A year off seems like a good idea. Perhaps some of the time could be used by poor Mrs. May to visit a nice country setting with lots of fresh air to indulge a relaxing hobby like basket weaving. There might even be nurses around to keep her from diving into rabbit holes.

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