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Thursday, 04 April 2019


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Well David you just dream along about your moving to Wisconsin but, before you get your passport all updated and your tickets bought there's one piece of kit you'll be required, absolutely required! to be wearing before Milwaukee's TSA folks'll pass you through:

You might though David, and it will be a real treat for us D&N readers were you to post a picture to the blog, Anyway, you truly ought to also wear that sarong Andra sent you (and of course the sandals with socks ... uhm lemme see ...

You'll David, provided you do get the 'must-have' head gear, fit right in in Wisconsin in all that get-up.

I promise.

JK, you must explain what on earth "Yellow-Foam-Cheese hats" have to do with Wisconsin?

Also, thanks for those links which made me giggle!

It's cows David. Wisconsin and cows. Everybody knows David, whenever Wisconsin comes up in conversation, it's all about cows.


I'll repeat that Wisconsin once considered the state motto "come up and freeze in the land of cheese". And JK is absolutely right about the cheese head. Get one even if you stay in Somerset. You'll be admired in the most fashionable places. For Wisconsin you should also buy some military surplus arctic wear and lots of blankets.

Wisconsin was once an auto manufacturing state for American Motors and Chrysler. Most of those jobs went overseas decades ago and the public sector grew in response. Walker has a reputation for union busting and cutting public works. He is not universally liked but survived a recall election. His 2016 presidential run didn't generate much interest and lasted about three months.

Probably because HRC was too arrogant and ditzy to visit Wisconsin during her campaign, she lost the state to Trump by 0.7%, which is one of the main reasons he won the election. In 2018 Democrats did well:

Check out a very good baritone who died recently - also called Scott Walker.


Fell down on the acid job, didn't I? Let me try to make it right. Walker is the worst kind of political whore:

Attaboy, Bob, I knew I could rely on you!


I live just south of Wisconsin allow me to give you a little information to inform your decision.

While Wisconsin is south of Summerset, it does not benefit from the Gulf Stream so it is MUCH colder and snowier. Because of the cold the primary agricultural activity is dairy cows so the great emphasis on cows and cheese. While your neighbors south of Channel would riot if they heard someone say it, except the very top end Wisconsin cheese is every bit as good, and it isn’t subject to EU regulations. If you don’t live in the cities there are still big city convivences no further than the distance for Summerset to London. I understand one of the local sports at fairs is throwing cow chips, you can guess what they are.

The people are friendly especially outside of Milwaukee and the state capital, AKA “The Peoples Republic of Madison.”

To clarify one of Bob’s points, when the 2008 recession hit it was obvious that the school teachers would lose a lot of jobs if nothing was done. Governor Walker came up with a scheme that everyone kept their job, but had to pay for some of the benefit package that been free. The plan had the disadvantage of hurting the bottom line of the teacher union. He was pro-worker vs the Union leadership that would have preferred lost jobs to losing money for the union coffers. I believe you heard the unions screams of pain across the pond.

Your bones and muscles might like central or western Arkansas better.

Andra, it is always sad to lose a baritone! We are such a special breed:)

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