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Monday, 15 April 2019


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I too am uneasy, but hope she wins because if, god forbid, somebody like Corbyn or Nick Griffin became PM god only knows what they would do with the power to strip citizenship from anyone willy nilly.


Your taking the side of law and order over self-indulgence is admirable. Too bad there aren't more Americans like you. In this particular case, that is.

Good point, 'Wiggers'!

Bob, I am sure that there are many Americans who are "taking the side of law and order over self-indulgence". You will find many of them at the NRO!

Good call, Wiggers.


Winning or losing is not the point.

What is important is that the decision as to whether she is re-instated as a Brit citizen or not is made by a [hopefully] unbiased and independent tribunal; i.e. the court and not a pollie.

Personally I hope she loses. You make your choice and put up with the consequences.

It appears that the British taxpayer is paying for the services of Gareth Pierce, known as 'the solicitor of choice for jihadis and IRA terrorists' to defend this wretched woman. No doubt Miss Pierce doesn't come cheap (Friedman's law of economics in that if someone else is paying, the cost is irrelevant). Then there will be the appeal if they lose the case, then the ECHR, and so it will go on.

Looking at her smug well-fed face what comes to mind, is Yazidii woman sold into slavery, Saudi pilots burned alive, women buried alive and children starving and ill. Why won't somebody in government just tell her to f**k off?

The women is still capable of child bearing baby bombers.

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