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Thursday, 11 April 2019


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Hope it all goes well.

"It's Alive! It's Alive!"
Get better soon!

Getting old is not for sissies.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. Lots of it. None of the organic crap.
Get better soon!

Second Missred's recommendation.

With a slight deviation, should England's cranberry juice product be near the same as Arkansas' Our's is Ocean Spray and having loads of sugar I split the liter purchase by pouring half of the newly bought into the emptied container and top both with tapwater.

Another thing David, ask your quack if England's got its own version of a drug we call Tamsulosin HCL.

I know that people swear by Ocean Spray, but it is a "cocktail" Cranberry mixed with a lot of apple. It's more likely that it's just the extra water involved that is doing the trick. "The solution to pollution is dilution." However, it is possible to find pure cranberry juice, which tastes terrible, or cranberry juice capsules. Or, an extra gram or three of vitamin C, to acidify the urine and make it inhospitable to the bacteria. As a diabetic with over twenty five years of experience, I have managed to acquire some bacteria that actually LIKE an acid environment. I devoutly h ope that the good Doctor Quack ran a culture. I have to hold my various practitioners' feet to the fire to get this done, or, rather, I used to. Now, either they are catching on or they just don't want to listen to my bitching, but it is more routine. Here's another thing: Geezers and geezerettes seem more prone to post-antibiotic diarrhea, the result of killing off the good bugs in your gut. Most yogurts, sour cream, etc, do not have enough live bacteria in them to do much good. However,it is possible to buy bacteria in tablets or capsules, and they'll do the trick right quick. I start taking them about three days before the end of the course of antibiotic therapy.

When I last worked in a hospital, I persuaded the doctors to prescribe this for my patients who were on ABT, and my floor had just about wiped out C. diff, before I found a pleasanter work environment. For several years after I left, old ladies would come up to me in the grocery store, or some other unlikely place, and thank me profusely for freeing their husbands (or late husbands, but they did NOT die of diarrhea) from the therapeutic prison.

Well, sympathy means "same pain" and you certainly have mine. I hope you are well very soon, without further untoward sequelae.

Ahoy Bob!

Reckon it's "pure coincidence" the timing of this indictment [and arrest],.gregory.-.stamped.indictment.-.april.2019.pdf

Came so immediately after Britain arrested Assange?

Prediction Bob - I predict we'll soon be seeing/hearing the name "Podesta" in our news reports ... "soon" being relative. FOX pretty quickly .. MSDNC and the others of the MSM when they can no longer studiously avoid it.

Background for my prediction:

I'm so sorry to hear of this DD.
Do take care of yourself. We need you.
Much love to you and the memsahib.

David, aware you've not been, with the exception of Robert Palmer's "band" very fond of rock 'n roll you probably ought not click that.

Stick with us Duffers. Pumping the bilge six times a night is a bit excessive.

Look on the bright side. Getting older is better than the alternative.

By God, sir, what an indignity. My sympathies.

Get well soon!

Be well.

"Stick with us Duffers. Pumping the bilge six times a night is a bit excessive."

I didn't think he posted that often these days?

See you at the weekend, Gaffer.

xox SoD


See #7:

A lot of people are going to have trouble once Assange starts singing.

SoD, he doesn't! That is when his most brilliant insights descend upon him...

Well Bob,

Extradition from Britain to, especially the US, and, given Assange is Australian, is certain to take a long long time.

Indeed I expect Trump will have finished his second term before the Assange trial gets underway. Which by then won't matter much since Mz. Occasional Cortex can only commute Julian a couple years.


What color is the sky in the world that happens?


Blue. Tangled but definitely blue.


Is there any White Lightning in that blue sky?

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