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Saturday, 20 April 2019


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Well, the NY Times review gave it a flaccid work over as well. Maybe the threat of Communism Stalin style is too far in the past thereby colliding with the onset of modern Communism, liberal style? No director knows how to reconcile even with a 'heavy hitter' like Dame Judi in the lead.

51% of Rooskies over 18 admire and respect Stalin ...

It's like Brexit really, it isn't the pols that are the problem, it's the peeps.



That includes Yanks who prefer Russian-style oligarchic kleptocrats because at least they're not Democrats.

Allow me this David, I'll explain later?

Traitors can have soldiers killed.

Traitors can have soldiers killed.


There's about a 70% chance the Senate will hold hearings on the Steele dossier anyway.

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