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Sunday, 14 April 2019


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There is also RED2, and of course Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker and the usual players.

Julian Assange: "The key to the prosecution of Assange has always been to punish him without again embarrassing the powerful figures he made mockeries of" (Jonathan Turley USA Today). It was made worse by his conspiring with that pathetic pervert Pvt. Bradley Manning, now declaring himself to be a "woman". Assange may or may not be guilty of much, but exposing the DC Establishment is so grave an offence that even the Constitution's protections must be set aside.

Firstly Mr Assange should be sentenced for skipping bail- six months if recent precedent is followed. Then he should be deported to any country that can present a prima face case involving something that is a crime both in Britain and in that country.
However that won't happen because thanks to a deal signed up to by Mr Blair the US authorities can simply order his arrest, as they have already done with British citizens resident here.


Everything looks like politics if you pay too much attention to political fast talking in The National Review. It's true Trump is licking his lips in anticipation, but judging by his increasingly pudgy, doughy look, he's anticipating going back to bed to eat Big Macs and chips whilst tweeting.

Cheap shot!

Bob, you must be feeling dizzy up there on your, er, intellectual heights but people, ordinary people, that is, tend to read political magazines for, er, well, politics, actually!

The re election of BiBi has pushed the collectivist noses of the European media out of joint. Ours MSM as well. Good.

"Oh God, what have we done to deserve a House of Fools like this?"

1. You gave them back control.
2. You voted for them.


I see you've gone green.
It suits you.

Yes, Andra, I've just noticed that. Don't know why or how - probably pressed the wrong button - again! - which, incidentally, was why the Army never agreed to my request to serve in a nuclear bunker!


Intellectual, intellschmectual. Other than my inner troll I am completely pedestrian.

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