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Sunday, 28 April 2019


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Hello, D & N.

I bought 'The Pilgrim' on spec last week and, as you say, it is one of the finest thrillers ever IMHO. The pace never slackens and you find youreslf on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next - and the author is a Brit!

Books really don't get much better than this one; I shall be keeping an eye out fro more from Mr Hayes.

My compliments to your Lady and I hope she continues to inprove. 'bye for now.

Thank you, 'Opsi', and feel free to call again!

I will try the memsahib's chicken dish - or something similar.
Sounds good to me ....

Um. Isn't a live chicken roundabouts 170°

It never ceases to amaze that the biggest "climate prats" cannot see the utter hypocracy of them travelling to a virtue signalling demo in a machine that spews Gaia destroying gasses.

To paraphrase that great character Yoda, "The stupidity is strong in this one"

'I am a Pilgrim' - reservation placed with my library!

I was chatting to the lovely lady there recently, and we were discussing books by Nevil Shute, Hammond Innes etc, and a few others joined in as well.

The upshot is that she raided the archives, and put a load of them on display, and the last tme I saw her, she told me that they were flying off the shelves!

I'm on an Alistair Maclean at the moment, and thoroughly enjoying a story without drugs, bonking every half-hour, and mobile phones...

Crikey, 'Scrobs', I haven't seen the name 'Neville Shute' for decades. What a great story teller.

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