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Tuesday, 23 April 2019


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Duffers your septic isle is not the only one to have such dross on the "idiot box". Down here we had a show called "Married at First Sight" which was apparently some sort of grand social experiment. I refused to watch it but I am assured by some female acquaintances that it was a bunch of self obsessed mentally defective bozos getting their rocks off with various other members of said show.

The decline of Western Civilization is on display for all who choose to watch it on the local tele.

Four words come to mind. The Jerry Springer Show

Best wishes to both of you for speedy and complete recoveries.

Where could they have gotten that idea?

No-one ever went broke through underestimating public taste & standards.

Good grief, David, you are well behind the times! Jeremy Kyle has been synonymous with the ignorant uncultured masses for years. You know, the sort I see on Facebook who insist on calling the rich people (the ones who pay the taxes to let them sit on their useless behinds) "scum" who should be "removed", the sort who appear on this programme/watch this programme/provide material for this programme in some gigantic circle jerk which you can only watch in horrifed disbelief.

Just to add to your woes, there is a little nugget coming to channel Four Sex Show? The one where people film their sex life and let other people watch it to give them points. Sorry, pointers. I'm just giving you a heads up so you can make sure you're out or asleep.

Seriously, several hundred channels and not a thing to watch. Apart from "Game of Thrones" of course. Winter Has Come. #LittleFingerLives.

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