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Saturday, 13 April 2019


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There's nothing to post about now anyway.

Blighty has found a patch of "Accidental Liberty" and is enjoying the absence of "normal" political discourse and action, i.e. lies, abuse, lowered living standards, poorer outcomes, in this glorious gridlock that has stopped the Pol-Gened Psychopaths (from now on: PGP's) in their tracks.

Enjoy the rest!


"I leapt out of bed, went downstairs"?
Mind altering pills I take it? Good to see you back in harness David.

Looks like your ex-darling Janet has clocked fully onto the best prediction going ...

Beyond my wildest dreams. Back in and kicking Jerry and Froggy arse, left, right and centre, with our time honoured allies the Nordics, Baltics, Ost Blokkers, and Club-Medders. And nobody dies.

You Love doing that too if you're honest, go on, admit it: You know you want to.


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