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Saturday, 20 April 2019


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First take care of your bride.

Then take care of yourself.

And I hope the miracles of modern medicine get you both back in top shape soonest.

Best to your favorite wife! You now have "responsibilities".

Welcome to the ranks of domestic nurse Duffers.

Hope the boss is A1 soon.

Wishing her a speedy recovery, and you the necessary competence.

I hope the 'Memsahib' is soon recovered. The kind gentleman who drove you back to the garage is a reminder of something we've noticed before - most people are decent and perfectly willing to help complete strangers.

I fear for The Memsahib,being faced with David's cooking and cleaning up afterwards....

Waitrose do a really nice line in "dishes which don't need a lot doing to them", and often throw in a bottle of wine as well. Or perhaps get the chocolates and earn yourself Brownie points by presenting them to the invalid.

Have a good Easter all :-)

I was feeling suave thinking I'd never fumbled with my wife's bra, then realized she'd always beat me to it, bless her efficiently seductive little heart. "Get well soon" to the Mrs.

What's a bra?

David I hope your Mrs gets better soon. I thought in your day the wummin wore a French bodice which was difficult to remove in a passionate moment!

So sorry to hear of the memsahib's fate. You'll muddle on for a while but you'll both come through it.
I told you before - this old age jazz is not as much fun as I was expecting.
Too much shit is happening! Make it stop!!

Get her well soon!

Hell, I can't even get out of my own bra!
Happy Easter and I hope the memsahib is better soon, and you quit your whinging.

Get well soon

Battalions indeed! My sympathies to your dear lass, and to you as you look after her.

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