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Friday, 05 April 2019


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David, any Arkansan will tell you the very best distilled spirits are run through an old car radiator twice before left to set and then bottle. An Ozark secret brought from their cousins in Appalachia.

Ah, thanks, Whiters, that explains the faint taste of anti-freeze which adds so much to the complexity of the flavour!

No no David, You'ins ort know that when any vehickel rolls off anyline anywhar with papers destined to land in Arkansas fust thing our smogboard checks is weddar the radiator meets code. An' that means copper.

Now as to weddar yore ackshul whiffing a slight antifreezery aroma my best guess is you've accidentally opened a bottle of peach lightning.

Oh an' David, its proper to spell it Arkansanese (you do know what dey say white lightnin' does to yore eyes do you not? Makes 'em sqwernch jes abit at fuhst. But hardly anybody livin' outside of de hills and hollers can quite get de lilt of de proper spoken 'qwern' part of sqwernch so during the forties we took to sayin' we'uns had took to studyin' to bein' Jap-eyed). We'uns is really quite cosmopolitang when ya gets to know us an' you will too be onc't you bump yore canoe on the Rock.

Oh heck David, dem boys was yes keeping to traditions. You really ort know thet:

JK, I believe "Uppers" allowed as to how these pictured gents were closer to his neighborhood?

Yeah Whitewall thets right. A'crost tha lake. Whur so many of da Yankees fleeing dere high-taxes Yankees persuasion governments come to light and brot with 'em thet despicable drink whine! Grandaddy allus tol' us boys we'd never amount to a hill of beans if'n we took to puttin' on the airs of a finger-lifter like all Yankees is known to be.

Thanks, JK, your commentary clinches it - Arkansas it is! Mind you, I might have to brush up on the language!

Now hold on, JK. Only two of the fine Rock Town products are proper likker. The others are no stronger than whine.

Anyway, proper likker doesn't come from a store. According to an old friend of mine from Tennessee, you leave money on a stump next to the road and come back in 15 minutes to get a Mason jar full of the real thing.

Well Bob that still is the proper way 'ere where I live properly speaking. A'cause we gots here in my county more Democrat church goers of the Campbellite way of thinking keeps voting the county dry.

But its a trade-off that works pretty good as the Campbellites loves guns more'n even probably the gunlovin'est Indianan you ever her't tell of. Matter of fact the only two machine guns legally owned I'm aware of hereabouts are owned by Democrats. One of 'em a preacher an' the t'other a librarian.

Bob, I heartily recommend you read that Encyclopedia of Arkansas link I place above - thatun'll give you a flavor of what livin' in proximity to Campbellites is like.


I read the link, but since you recommended it so highly read it again. On closer inspection I've come to some conclusions: Democrats aren't what they used to be. Religion is pretty much what it always was. And the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, because it refers readers to the New York Times, is kinda suspect.

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