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Tuesday, 07 May 2019


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The young Royals seem to be reproducing like Catholics. Now if only this vigor could extend to the middle class. Saving Western Culture begins in the bedroom.

I rather liked Harry when he was a bachelor uncle; wandering around shagging unsuitable women.

Whitewall & backofanenvelope. Very witty you two. Catholics in Scotland are only producing around 10 weans per wummin as opposed to the usual twenty 30 years ago. I never came across an unsuitable woman!

Me either Glesga. Actually the very idea there is such a thing astonishes.

Well gents, at least I have standards! Malleable ones though they be.

I never came across an unsuitable woman!

My natural reticence about anything in anyway crude prevents me from some of the lower deck comments about "suitability" of the opposite sex after a long stint at sea - however "Any port in a storm" is the politest way to translate many of them.

Serves you right for reading the Daily Mail.

The DT ain't much better ...

How will UK and US parenting styles compare as exhibited by Kate and Megan, eh?

A £100k per annum nanny-force courtesy thee and I will be the common factor, I would hazard a guess.


High standards:

I'd not Whitewall, had my dictionary to hand when I first happened upon your "malleable."

Reading this morning looks like a synonym is "pliant" meaning, as I understand it, 'having the capacity of being handled without losing [their] shape'?

North Carolina tits anything like Arkansas tits in [they] come in pairs?

Ooh boy am I ever gonna impress the folks at the post office this morning with my new word "malleable"!

JK, yep they do. Delightfully so! Use the word in good health and pride!

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