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Wednesday, 29 May 2019


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I wonder which of the contenders will make it a point to attack Corbyn for the low life Jew hating Red he is? Too much "getting along" and courtesy and all that in politics makes people comfy. Who can upend Britain's Deep State? People will begin to pay attention then.

Raab would be the second Jewish PM of Britain. Disraeli being the first.

And as Whitewall points out it would certainly put a burr under Corbyin's saddle.

I am coming round to the idea of Raab.

It seems to me that the tories would do well to work with Farage to deliver this damn' Brexit, and it also seems to me that Boris has the kind of personality that would make that impossible whereas Raab is more likely to make such a collaboration work.

So Raab it must be.

However because the shortlist of two must be selected by the tory MPs who are not known for their collective intelligence, there is a serious likelihood the token leaver in the last two will be somebody like Hunt.

Which would take them and us back to square one.

The big problem with Boris and Raab is that they both voted for May's perpetual vassalage plus pay £39 billion for the privilege deal. Priti Patel or Steve Baker would be my to choices, not least because neither of them voted for it.

Baker would be my personal preference. His performance before the EU Scrutiny Committee was particularly impressive. Judge for yourself (see link.) Let's just hope that he throws his hat into the ring.

So your favourite is itching to join the EU's neo-fascists ...

What will "the country's favourite auntie", or whatever you called her, Ann Widdecombe, think about that? Plus all the other freaks and has-beens in the Brexit Party membership, like Marxist IRA supporters ...

Mind you, once the £100k+ per annum MEP salary and expenses package starts hitting their bank accounts, I expect Brexit might go on hold a while, you know, just for "some discussions with our fellow neo's in europe that are necessary, purely for exit planning and relationship building, of course". Ten years down the line those discussions might strangely not yet be concluded!

And your spare is a soon to be jail-bird ...

Great company you ex-Kippers are keeping these days!


There she goes, all in blue, clenched fist salute, your new super-woman and MEP for the North ...

Pass the sick bag Alice ...


Take it from a Yank with experience in how these things work: Don't worry about Boris's references to kindness. Take him seriously but not literally. And don't worry about his being a crook. Most importantly he is a highly compressed tank of the hot air of political catharsis. And he has longer fingers and better hair than other similar world, ummm, leaders. Bo RIS! Bo RIS! Bo RIS!

Every article I have read about Farage talking to far right European groups makes copious use of the adjectives 'reportedly' and 'alleged.'

Why do you think that is?

Slip of the brain… 'reportedly' is an adverb.

With regard to Claire Fox, democracy does indeed have some unlikely supporters. I never had any time for Anthony Wedgwood Benn, but the following from him hits the nail squarely on the head.

"What power have you got?"

"Where did you get it from?"

"In whose interests do you use it?"

"To whom are accountable?"

"How do we get rid of you?"

Democracy does make for some strange bed-fellows doesn't it?

So does one treat the proposed leader of the Tories as a 'new' person, or someone who will beat Mr Farage?

The feeling I get from the (sparse) news I read and hear, is that while Labour poddle along at the lower end of interest, the guy who wants to actually do something is really Mr Farage!

In the Conservative Party, of course they need someone up front, but why just choose a politician who has been angling for the job for ages?

Reading the above, and also comment elsewhere, there are several interesting posts about Mr Raab which I quite like, so, listen on Scrobs...

What a dream ticket though, a real businessman and a politician getting together to run the country properly!

(And then I awoke...)

John Cleese speaks about part of the culture problem between Brexit and Remain:

The problem with brexit is the politicians do not want it although they gave the decision to the electorate and then chose to ignore the decision. The politicians are hoping and actively dragging out the process to ensure Britain remains. The remainers have no respect for democracy just their bank balance.

It's very sad to see John Cleese suffering, like the Gaffer, from that terrible degenerative condition that goes by the name of "Wrinklyitis".

To watch the two guys who most shaped my worldview slide from Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Milton Friedman reading, Libertarian, members of the Judean People's Popular Front ("He's over there - splitter!" - we Love him!), to jackbooted Captain Mainwarings, somewhere between the ages of 70 and 80, is truly heart-breaking.

I hope a cure will be on the horizon soon. A small dose of 3 years of that thing called "Westminster" has been enough to cure most cases, but sadly they have it bad.

Maybe a very large dose of that thing called "Jezza" I've been hearing about might bring them back from what otherwise must be a terminal condition?


The two times I was in London, years ago, were quite different. The second visit reminded me of what John Cleese is saying. Too much of London looked like the main concourse at Heathrow. Or the lobby of the UN at opening. London is London, but my goal was always to see England.

"my goal was always to see England", so next time, 'Whiters', 'you do be best advised to get you down 'ere in zunny Zummerzet'. You will be far removed from all those smart-arse, metropolitans desperately trying to out-'woke' each other in London and the Home Counties. Sure, the accent might be a tad confusing but you'll soon get the hang of it!

Count on it! From what I have been learning about the sophisticates around Zummerzet, a good bit of the dialect was deposited in the mountains of southwest North Carolina. My Mother-in-Laws's home. The lingo might be familiar to me.

Zummerzet vs London: One smells of poo and is covered in flies, and the other smells of wee and is covered in flies.

Sweet suburbia for me, mateys. In a previous job my nickname amongst the out-all-night whipper-snappers was "Lawrence of Suburbia".

Consider it the "central position", the "compromise", where all true Englishmen reside.


Lawrence of Suburbia,
That "compromise" seems to entail less and less English and more and more "not English"? Almost seems like a grand plan.

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