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Friday, 10 May 2019


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Well at least it isn't a parking lot!

What would those Anglo Saxons do if double crossed by their rulers?

Yes. We are all mad.

I have a new hero:

Classic line “The only ones who should still be in Europe are Liverpool and Tottenham”

From your keyboard to God's earbuds . . .

The Democrats, well, what can one say? They were the party of slavery and of segregation after that. States that allowed compulsory union membership had a deep pool of money, to spend on electoral campaigns. So, there are states which, no matter what, will vote Democrat. Mass. is one of those, as are New York, and several other Northeastern states. Pennsylvania, with its lovable fool Sims in the Legislature, for example, is actually a swing state. I don't know much about him, except that he is a turd burglar, so he is probably elected from a reliably Leftist district, and won't be voted out in this lifetime. Moreover, bullying an aged Christian lady would only help his reelection campaign.

The lady praying in front of the abortion mill probably has a strong sense of humor, which gave her the strength to bear up under his hail of abuse.

Our Ruling Class, both Dem and "Rep" branches, has been beside itself since PDT was elected, and they are sparing no effort to defeat him in the next election. Keep in mind that some of that effort includes use of the courts, for which we all pay, and which are supposed to be defending the rights of all of us, and the Special Counsel, also paid with our money, has done his part. Also, never lose sight of the fact that so much of what you think you know about American politics is filtered through our Establishment media. Their strongest weapon is despair, so there will be as much hopelessness as they can manage to distill into their reports. So, ignoring all that, be of good cheer. We may win yet.

Your darling, or one of them, Janet Daley starts her article with a lie: "You read it here first" ...

She actually read it here first, written by yours truly.

But at least she's finally cottoned on to what's happening and going to happen, we can forgive her a little back-dating fudge.

I particularly like these paras ...

"Labour’s proposed re-nationalisation of the water companies without market-value compensation to shareholders would certainly be ruled illegal by the European Court of Justice. Indeed, the state take-over of whole sectors of business and industry would breach EU competition rules. In fact, Brussels would serve as an effective protector of free market anti-monopoly principles against a Marxist Labour government.

That is why Corbyn himself is an unreconstructed Brexiteer of the old school. Back in the day when Euroscepticism was a Left-wing thing, it was taken for granted that the power of Brussels was a way of rendering real socialist solutions impossible. The economics of the single market absolutely depended on the free movement of capital and the encouragement of commerce."

After applauding the EU for standing firmly against socialism and any other market denying authoritarianism, she then kacks her knickers with a demand for socialism and authoritarianism (aka Democratic Centralism) at home ...

"What was not so clearly foreseen was that politics of all kinds would be marginalised in favour of unfettered supra-national commercial interests. Domestic party politics is becoming ludicrous because it is largely powerless in the face of the enormous global influences whose placemen within the great trade blocs make their own deals above the heads of elected politicians."

I'd rather be individually free and well fed and watered by the market (or is it "enormous global influences?" Which is it Janet, you've got to stop flipping and flopping as it suits you) than enslaved and starving under the cosh of an anything goes 51% majority.

But on balance, gradually the Janet Daley's of this world are being forced to face that real question: -

1. Individually free and well fed and watered by the market.

2. Enslaved and starved under the cosh of anything goes at 51% Democratic Centralism.

There is no left and right in politics.

You're either a oner or a twoer.


Sometimes Trump really does come through on his appellations.

In this case, like a Sidewinder missile up the tailpipe!


I think you'll get a kick outta reading that one.

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