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Friday, 31 May 2019


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They keep Gavin Shuker out of these pictures of the CUK line-up because he looks like a warning against cousin-marriage. His seat might actually be safe, as the Pakistani community of Luton will vote as their Imam tells them, and I can't see many of them voting for Brexit.

As any fule no, her reel name is Anna Sousebry

(for reasons, obvs)

Change UK?? What ever happens, change it the Hell back to Great Britain!

Even better, it means the Remain vote won't be split at the next election.

Remainers can all vote Lib-Dem.

As for minority Brexiteers? BoJo or Nige? Hey diddle-diddle, split down the middle - and straight into the Spinal Tap "where are they now?" folder alongside the Kippers.


Loz, if there was an EU grovelling competition you would probably see Sturgeon and Soubry's high heels up Barniers arse.

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