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Friday, 24 May 2019


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June one day after the Event.

The argument for Boris is that he won London, usually a Labour area, twice and made a decent fist of running it. At the moment the Tories desperately need someone who can appeal to the country.

June 7 - but she did not say what year.....

I think the poor useless woman had lost her sanity by the end. Still, she was driven to it by a needless determination to negotiate something that never needed negotiating. She should have listened to the British people rather than Europoliticians. And irony of ironies, without Gina Miller she could have had the whole deal stitched up by now.

Well as Obama called Boris so - I say "Why not?"

and I thought I squandered opportunities. Sheesh.

I fully expect Mrs. May to resign at least three more times.

Weren't it you Bob said, 'Well should Trump pull off a win all he'll do is resign because he doesn't really want to be President' or words to that effect?


MAY BE that, "our meddling there" has some connection to y'alls seeming to have meddled here.

JK, I don't remember writing anything to the effect of your question above.

Then obviously Bob, climate change again.

I gotta admit Bob but then so do you because the only available explanation for "no more snow" ... and "Greenland's glaciers will be gone before the next century [1992]" ... and "the Statue of Liberty will be up to her eyeballs in glacier melt by 2021 and because of Trump we're fucked" requires (depending) on the nearly goldern Miraculous.

Which as I recall, you put forth not. Offering nothing except the ephemeral "the Science is settled and Trump" (which accusation is totally at odds with everything else y'all have ever claimed) "pulled out."

Which but for the existence of God.

Trump being responsible I mean.

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