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Saturday, 25 May 2019


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She was defeated by negotiations that she should never have got involved in. She thought she knew what was best for us, and the difference between that and what we really wanted explains why her support dwindled away at the end. She needs to lick her wounds out of the public gaze. A full public recantation would of course be welcome, but fat chance of that.

The majority of the Parliamentary party chose her after decades of acquaintance. They supported her when she proved scarcely more popular than Corbyn. They continued to support her when they found her going behind the back of principal cabinet ministers, forcing their resignation. When her main business was voted down by a record margin they voted for her to stay. And they write letters to their constituents demanding that their judgement be respected. If the party is to survive it needs not merely a new leader, but the pruning of a vast amount of dead wood.
As to May herself, she appeared to see compromise as a policy objective in itself. Hence she got comprehensively rolled.

"Like Saturn, the revolution devours it's children"

Teflon was on the Brexit spectrum, she's the first to face the national razor. She chose the position least likely to fail, the one with the most chance of succeeding. If that didn't work, nothing is going to work, least of all the neo-fascists who jumped ship from BNP to Ukip, and thence to the Brexit party, still in denial that they are the only political faction in Blighty that has murder on its scorecard since the demise of the IRA.

After revolutionary power shifted from the more moderate, compromising, Girondins, to the nutjob revolutionaries of Montagne, the national razor went into overdrive.

Expect more murder, less compromise and the very structures of Blighty's ancient representative democracy to come under great danger as the ex-BNP, ex-Ukip neo-fascists consolidate in the Brexit party.

Depending on the result of the EU election, Macron and the Brussels establishment might have to cut Blighty loose.

The IRA will then respond, likely funded by the US as before, and this time additionally by the EU. Who's gonna send their kids to die in that one? Dad's Army can fight that one on its own, in fact, let's send all the wrinkles who voted for it to fight for it. It'd make a change.


"She chose the position least likely to fail, the one with the most chance of succeeding."

And she failed- Big Time!

"the neo-fascists who jumped ship from BNP to Ukip, and thence to the Brexit party"

The current UKIP party, not the one Farrage set up, may well have neo-fascists in it under its new leadership. However, I have yet to see even a hint of fascism in the current Brexit party just set up by Farrage. For example, Anne Widdicombe, everyone's 'favourite, old auntie' - for whom I have just voted - is hardly an example of a goose-stepping admirer of Hitler!

"Expect *more* murder".

There hasn't been any murder from anyone who was a member of the original UKIP and as I attempted - but obviously failed - to inform you this morning, the sick loonie who killed Jo Cox MP was NOT a member of UKIP.

"Macron and the Brussels establishment might have to cut Blighty loose."

Might??? Macron is actually gagging for the Brits to leave! As The Telegraph reminded us today: "So Europe has its politics too, but equally Europe also does not want a ‘no deal’, **as was clearly demonstrated at last April’s European Council meeting where key nations like Germany and the Netherlands faced down France and stepped clearly back from the brink.**

"The IRA will then respond".

The IRA has *never stopped* 'responding' - just the other day they shot dead a female journalist. The IRA do not give a flying fig about Brexit, all they want, and they will keep on murdering until they get it, is a united Ireland. They can have it as far as I'm concerned!

In future, SoD, just be careful who you tar with your murder accusations!

For all that "fascism" under every rock:

The Brexit faction of UK politics, with its many inner factions, has murder on its scorecard, period.

You'd say the same thing about Sinn Fein / IRA, and Islamism / Islam, along with many others on this blog.

"Tarring with the same brush" - c'est de rigeur ici.

I agree, Macron is your NBF. I see you're pleased with your neo-fascist buddies in Europe too, eagerly anticipating they've done well enough in the EU elections to put the frighteners on Macron and Brussels so they cut Blighty loose. Farage has yet to deny he'll join their neo-fascist coalition. I wonder how Anne Widdicombe will feel if / when Nige slides the armband of that lot onto the Brexit party?

What a journey for you, eh? A murdered MP, moving like a virus from one host political party to the next, cleansing and laundering in the host before your poison gets too much and onto the next, leveraging Macron and Golden Dawn as you go.

Tomorrow belongs to you.


Tomorrow belongs to us because we won the vote in 2016. You remember, the one your side cheated all the way through - one-sided leaflets, government websites only linking to Remain sites, extending registration times, etc. - and still lost? It is rather concerning that you do not seem capable of understanding how democracy works, namely that it has to be accepted when you lose as well as when you win. I believe the correct term for someone who is against democracy derives from the old Latin word for sticks - what is it again? Ah yes, a fascist.

SoD, I'll give you the rest of this morning to offer one single piece of *hard* evidence to support your contention that:

"the Brexit faction of UK politics, with its many inner factions, has murder on its scorecard, period."

before I delete your slanderous comment.

I already have: Jo Cox.

The Brexit faction of Blighty's politics is a broad church, but from therein came Jo Cox's killer.

You don't think he was a Remainer, or wanted to vote for May's deal, do you?

Let me ask you a similar couple of questions: "Are suicide bombers Muslims?". "Are IRA murderers Sinn Fein?". "Are the murderers of Anna Politkovskaya Putin's men?". "Were the murders of 120 million in the 20th century Karl Marx's men?".

Political movements have consequences and should take responsibility for them.


The most succinct definition of fascism comes from Mussolini and he should know.
Everything inside the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.
The nearest we have to a fascist organisation today is momentum, whose program differs from Hitler's only in the lack of specific mention of the Jews, and from both Hitler's and Mussolini's in its rejection of patriotism in any form.

"are suicide bombers muslim"
Surely your not suggesting that that oppressed race of brown people (some of whom are white, some of whom are black) are violent!
Wash your mouth with soap!

If you read my comments accurately you'll see I use the term "neo-fascist" and attribute it to the poisonous roving virus that has migrated from political host to political host, thereby cleansing and laundering itself for a while until the "gaffs", outrages, and everything in between reveal its true colours, whence it moves on to the next host.

It resembles a mobile version of the usurpation of the Labour party by Momentum.

A new and effective tactic by the enemies of parliamentary democracy, the HIV of politics.

I see the Tory party is experiencing a surge in membership ahead of the leadership election ...

One by one they fall.

Next up: full blown AIDS.


Oh, I forgot, here's the rub on neo-fascism so we're all on the same page...

"Neo-fascism usually includes ultranationalism, racial supremacy, populism, authoritarianism, nativism, xenophobia and opposition to immigration, as well as opposition to liberal democracy, parliamentarianism, capitalism, Marxism, communism and socialism."

If 70%'s a pass mark then apart from Bob and yours truly I doubt there's a D&N "contributor" who isn't an A-grader.

You airbrush at mid-day, if you wish, Gaffer. It will complete the picture and round off my argument better than I ever could.


Is there a word for addiction to fantasy?

SoD, I have decided NOT to eliminate your shouty, unproven assertions because at least you have attempted, albeit unconvincingly, to support them without, alas, any hard **facts**.

The fact is that her killer was extremely mentally ill. He was NEVER a member of UKIP or any other political party and unless you can disprove that then your main assertion collapses!

I will give you this link to read which is long but exceedingly detailed and informative and therefor worth reading:

Where is it, ah yes, got it, 1 hour and 7 minutes to see it before the lights go off ...


Can't you read, SoD? The 'lights' are NOT going off! There is no need because you have failed - big time! - to offer up a single *fact* to prove your assertion that Mair was a member of UKIP (or anything else, come to that!)

Nor have you offered any evidence to support your assertion that the two political parties run by Farage were front organisations for Fascism.

Give it a rest, you're making a fool of yourself!

Mair murdered Jo Cox for her support of the EU and immigration ...

How much more pro-Brexit can he have been?

He was linked to numerous groups of the far right, all of whom reside under the broad church of the Brexit faction of UK politics ...

"Mair had links to British and American far-right political groups including the National Front (NF), the United States-based neo-Nazi organization National Vanguard (the successor to the defunct National Alliance) and the English Defence League (EDL); he had attended far-right gatherings and purchased far-right publications,[1][23][24][25] to some of which he had sent letters and expressed support for South African apartheid.[26][27][1] In his home were found Nazi regalia, far-right books,[20][28][28] and information on the construction of bombs.[1][25] He had searched the internet for information about the British National Party (BNP), South African apartheid, the Ku Klux Klan, prominent Jewish people, matricide,[20][28] white supremacism/nationalism, Nazism/Nazi Party, SS/Waffen SS, Israel, mass shootings, serial killers, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., William Hague, Ian Gow (another assassinated MP),[1] and Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (about whose case he collected newspaper clippings). He also owned Nazi iconography and books and films related to the Nazis.[29] A police official described Mair as a "loner in the truest sense of the word ... who never held down a job, never had a girlfriend [and] never [had] any friends".[1] The Guardian said that he "appears to have fantasised about killing a 'collaborator' for more than 17 years, drawing inspiration from" David Copeland.[1]"

He was pronounced same enough to be responsible for his own actions at the time of the murder ...

After his arrest, he was examined by a psychiatrist who found no evidence that Mair's mental health was so impaired that he could not be held responsible for his conduct.[1]"

Only you have stated that I said be was a member of Ukip, I have not. That's a fig leaf of a straw man argument to distract and deflect from taking responsibility for the actions of your broad church political movement of right-wing Brexiteers.

He's one of yours. Take responsibility - or forever hold thy peace on arguments of association like Sinn Fein / IRA, Islam / Islamism, Putin / journalist murders.


No, he was not sane. His own barrister refused to allow his medical records to be raised.

I have already read that Wiki article and nowhere does it state or even hint that he was a member, or had connections with Farage's UKIP. I will let Peter Hitchens spell it out for you as he is responding to an anonymous barrister with similar notions to yours.

In the meantime I will get on with tidying up my attic.

By the way, as a man who just voted for the Brexit party, does that mean I am a potential murderer? I also have many, many books on the subject of Nazi Germany - so, guilty as charged I suppose!

Another Hitchens' link for you to read, SoD:

Here's a quote with which I entirely agree:

"I am repelled and disturbed by the attempt to pretend that this deranged, muttering creep was in any way encouraged or licensed to kill a defenceless, brave young mother, by the campaign to leave the European Union.
Of all the low, dishonest tricks used by Remainers in this continuing contest, this slimy innuendo is the worst. Of course cheap Left-wing propagandists always like to insinuate that anyone more conservative than John Major is a secret Nazi, longing to massacre people in death camps."

Loz, I am not a right wing racist anti EU murdering nutcase. The EU is right wing and run by the bankers on behalf of the EU elite scroungers. The guy who killed Cox was a loner and is used as an excuse by remainers that the 17+British leave voters are bigots and racists. Far from the truth Loz. Some of us leave lot can smell and see corruption in this unessesary EU Mafia mob.

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