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Friday, 31 May 2019


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Ah, thanks for clarifying. For one vertiginous moment I had a vision of Vince Cable about to behead someone.

Turkish strongman Erdogan was once asked about "moderate" Islam by a reporter. Erdogan said that was an insult. He said "Islam is Islam". Whatever flavor Islam, we don't need it in the West.

"You will need to visit Rwanda to find it!"

In this instance David, a rarity I'll take your word for it!

(There's a reason CIA is beavering away at keeping this region of Africa current.) In this instance the Agency update is 13 May '19. 72 hours pass and this recently "became a legal US citizen" fellow - posts this:

Twelve days earlier this:

Should any doubt (Bob?) this new fellow citizen's bona fides where "knowledge of Africa" is concerned - scroll to paragraph seven.

"Liberal Islam"? Well good luck with that Rwanda.

"Perhaps it takes mass butchery to nudge people towards a liberal, live and let live society. A high price but at least such an outcome helps heal the wounds."

Hear, hear.

Look at the Wars of Religion and the Thirty Years Wars, when the factions of Christianity knocked 1/3 off the electoral register of central Europe.

History cracks eggs to make omelettes, but you shouldn't.

Good on the Mufti.


It is easy to play the moderate when a minority.

Yeah, that Thirty Years Religious War was a hum-dinger, all right. The Catholic French fought on the side of the German Protestants. Could it have been more about the rise of the bourgeoisie than whether to eat a soft boiled egg from the big end or the small one?

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