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Monday, 27 May 2019


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We thank you. Freedom isn't free.

Thanks to the Americans and Brits who have served.

Thanks Kith. And Kin.

Thanks also to the Aussies and others who are 'on our side'.


You are, if I'm recalling accurately, reading about Cromwell ain'tcha?

It's odd we here in America owe a'lot to that ol' sod too.

If David, you're inclined to the Cliffnotes version of what I linked above:

That's the whole interviewing shebang.

My searching his archives maybe saves you being at the bottom of a bookslide.

Thanks, JK, a pair of interesting links - although you need to be careful not to confuse your 'Cromwells' as I do from time to time! Thomas is the one I'm studying, he was Henry VIII's 'bagman' - until Henry chopped his head off! The other Cromwell was Oliver who came roughly a hundred years later and spent most of his time burning Catholics!

I noted there was an interlude between how that first part stopped seemingly incomplete, so I had to do abit more archive swimming.

Oh and thank you David, I hadn't a clue!

Oliver's the fellow obviously because, as I understand it, Henry VIII wasn't using his Cromwell to fund American colonies now was he?

Memorial Day. Eight bells in the forenoon watch, time to face aft and salute the ensign.

Thanks for the links JK. Very interesting and I shall follow them up.

David, re-Cromwell (Oliver). He may have burnt some Catholics but their souls were saved! However the Catholics and C of E did a good hatchet job on Scottish Protestants and Covenanters. Cutting of ears of the Covenanters was a favourite practice of the C of E.

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