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Tuesday, 28 May 2019


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I don't know how much difference the election of MEP has on the average Frenchman, but I bet they don't care that much. What this election did do was more of an opportunity to give a big "screw you" to Macron without really changing anything in French governance. He will learn nothing, change nothing or anything else. He is among the governing Elite and among this breed, standing within their peer group is all that matters. Pig ignorant policy at home matters not a whit because any opposition will be branded as "far right". That shield phrase has worked on Europeans since the end of the second WW. It has been allowed to aid in social and cultural suicide.

his opinions are worth something given that he lives in France

So does Dominic Grieve for a good part of the year...

He'll huff and he'll puff but he'll not cut Blighty loose. The better the EU election result for him and the centre, and as you've kindly pointed out it's good news, the less leverage he'll have to boot Blighty out.

Plus once the "Rainbow Remainers" coalition gets going: Lib-Dems, Change UK, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru, the EU has the winning horse in the race to back.

I wonder if "the Bastard" Gove will offer the Sweaties another independence referendum, maybe even a repeat referendum every 7 years, in exchange for abstaining on a Gove-tweaked version of May's deal in parliament? I mean, who cares if they bugger off?

The Scots Nat's have got 35 seats. That'd make up for the DUP's 10, and some. Then apply Wiggers' observation that the Tory's and Labour are totally fritted, and he might pluck the fallen colours of compromise from Teflon's cold dead hand and take the central position after all!

By George and all the Saints, I'd like that. Better than full-blown Remain? Mmm, dunno, but nice to have the choice though.

And what choices do you have now your NBF Macron ain't no more? No-deal BoJo and oblivion!


From Spectator USA regarding the fate of the Tories:
"The obvious conclusion is that the next Conservative leader should be committed to Brexit in order to restore trust, must be prepared to steer the party right in order to head off the Brexit Party, and must be able to appeal to the center ground at the next general election. Whether enough Conservative MPs have internalized this will be shown in the next few weeks, as the leadership contest gets under way. The only candidate who possesses all three of these criteria is Boris Johnson, who twice won mayoral races in Labour-majority London, and who, after some prevarication, led the Brexit referendum campaign in 2016. Johnson is the Conservative members’ favorite, but the members don’t get to vote until the MPs have whittled down the field to the last two candidates. There is every chance that Johnson will be ambushed on his way to the Senate."

What happened to the funnies? Surely there's something even vaguely amusing somewhere.

Thing is, Whiters, Blighty runs a first past the post system. BoJo, if he succeeds in dragging back some Brexit Party voters, will only succeed in splitting the Brexit vote. He and Nige need to talk, but I strongly doubt the vainglorious Tory party would support a carve-up of constituencies with the Brexit Party, and vice versa. So the No-deal vote, already a minority, will also be split in each first-past-the-post constituency.

However, the Rainbow Remainers have had no glory to be vain about for what feels like time immemorial! They'll happily sell their souls to the devil, let alone pre-share out the constituencies, for a chance in power. There'll be one Remain name on the ballot paper.

The last chance for Brexit is still the last chance for Brexit: May's compromise deal plucked of the deck of the field of glory by Gove.

I've got another battle analogy coming on: Goose Green. Colonel H gave his life in a desperate full-frontal assault on the Argie central position, and the assault bounced. It took a crafty sergeant, if I remember rightly, to grope around a flank, collapse the Argie centre, and win the day.

Gove's your man.


'W', well, he's half French anyway!

SoD, everything I have read indicates that Macron positively wants us OUT! Not least because with a weakening 'Mutti' Merkel he will be able to exercise untrammelled power. (And stop using vulgarities - or else!)

Whiters, yes, I read that one. Actually, I am leaning more and more towards Dominic Raab.

Andra, humble apologies but Monday was a Bank holiday 'up over here' , and 'over there', so the plebs didn't need cheering up!

Loz, in the heat of battle and close combat a decision is made the outcome onerous. However most Brits returned from the assault.

What I wonder about the Conservative party it still interested in being conservative? Similar over here.

I don't see the French result as very significant. Le Pen got more votes, so she won, but not by a lot, and it gives no idea how the rest of the electorate would break once their preferred candidates are eliminated, which is what will decide the next Presidential election.
If Macron is in fact celebrating a defeat, albeit a narrow one, then presumably he was expecting to be crushed.

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