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Wednesday, 08 May 2019


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Nigel to Number 10? God I hope so! Someone to speak truth to the kooks and mindless fools who are sucking the life out of Great Britain with bad, cowardly ideology.

It would be a wonderful thing for the first few days, but I sincerely hope he is not tempted. He should keep Brexit as a single issue, deliver the goods, and then get out. Let someone else pick up the pieces.

I hope the Brexit Party (which I have joined as a supporter, and urge all Brits here to do the same) unites people from all classes and sections of society, as a type of pressure group. But as soon as government is mentioned, there will be fractures and in-fighting immediately apparent. Farage has the support of old Labourites who have been abandoned by Trots and Metropolitan Blairite liberal cowards; Tories who bewail the loss of sovereignty; people from all walks of life who want to shake up the establishment; and a smattering of people who were always too right wing to fit comfortably in the Tories. They will never agree on a common programme.

If you want an idea of what putting a populist in control is like, read up on Narendra Modi in India or Trump over here. Preferably in The Telegraph, for example, and not one of your silly tabloids or political magazines, or on right wing sites.

Trump with a better accent?

What's not to like?

Bob, you say that as though it were a bad thing.

Unfortunately, no one can elect Nigel (or any PM for that matter). Small matter of replacing at least 300+ limp-wristed troughers with people with a backbone - a brain would be nice, too.

I can't see that happening somehow.

I would like to see him as PM, if only to watch all the Leftie/Feminist/SJW/Europhile heads explode.

Certainly he'd make a better fist of it than the previous 5 incumbents

Timbo, it's only bad if you believe any of it.

Depends on who he's got to be ministers.
So far he's got Anne Widdecome on board, not a lightweight by any measure.
Likely there'll be more.
The other Rees-Mogg seems a possibility.
No revolution has ever succeeded without the involvement of a section of the ruling class. Via UKIP Nige has demonstrated that there is support for independence. Now he is recruiting members of the ruling class to involve themselves.
The Tories are split between careerists and classical liberals. The classical liberals will split when they no longer fear the socialists. Labour is split between academic socialists, muslims, and the white working class. Once these groups find that they despise and are despised by each other they will split.
Nige has exposed these divisions. The ruling class will take note.
He is wise to focus on Brexit whilst staying within the Overton window on all else. The elite can only learn one thing at a time.
However the elite have many other things to learn. UKIP will be their teachers.

Nigel would be a potential PM. Why not he is a sensible British bloke who has the interest of his country foremost unlike those who want the EU Mafia to dictate to our country.

There are obvious obstacles to Farage becoming prime minister. How about Rees Mogg as pm with Lord Farage as foreign secretary. The new pm could direct the new foreign secretary to email the EU that we have left.

The EU or Tehran.

Prime Minister Farage could do worse than 'request' every single senior civil servant to tender their resignation in order to clear the field of the EUSSR supporters, and then retain those who have shown a clearly impartial view.

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