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Wednesday, 01 May 2019


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Huawei is a threat to any country silly enough to let it get its hands on anything that can impinge on National security. It is hand in glove with the Chinese Communist Party.

Down here it has been barred from any participation in matters effecting domestic security and people in those organizations have been told not to use Huawei phones.

I'm typing this on a Huawei phone. Occasionally, a nice man from the Chinese security service rings me up and asks whether "Duff & Nonsense" is an important political blog here in the UK.

"With such idiocy at the top, I truly fear for my country!"

Well you know what you can do - join the majority with an 8% lead who mutter sheepishly, "Should've listened to that SoD", and return to some decent governance.

Every lie, cock-up, negligence adds another percent to the Remain majority.

Have you noticed the pols of both parties have gone silent about Brexit? Why? Because every time they do something and mention it it's a cock-up and their poll rating drops.

Soon they'll work out they should mention nothing, no health, education, social services, armed forces, police, to sustain their poll rating.

One could only wish they had the brain power to follow the logic and actually do nothing and, to misquote Bob Geldof, "Give us back our focking money".

Isn't it time you took one for the sake of the country and jumped ship? I did yesterday, after a day of rumination. You've had nearly 3 years but we can explain that away as bad flare up of wrinklyitis.


Funny really but I see no security implications about this. Our government over classifies everything so that we can't see what they are doing. imo. Anything that is not a security issue should be published on the web so we can see what is going on. These people are not to be trusted and national security is a tool for them to provide cover for their actions.

"whether "Duff & Nonsense" is an important political blog here in the UK."
No doubt you said 'indispensable'?

And before anyone "adds comment" that I've been recently 'harsh' toward our community of intelligence professionals I'd simply submit the observation that in today's environment it's not the operators who've been leading but rather the lawyers.

But we only have the word of Sidwell that the leaker was Williamson. Sidwell the home office civil servant who May has brought in as a Prime ministerial advisor. Because a career in the home office tells you all you need to know about defence, foreign affairs, education, the environment the economy, education etc.
Leaks are usually meant to damage. In this case Mr. Williamson was damaged.
Otherwise they are meant to misinform, but nobody has suggested that the story was untrue.
Sometimes the leak is to draw attention to a secret the public should know. Why was this decision taken in secret?
Might I suggest a mixture of motives one and three?

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