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Monday, 20 May 2019


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Good advice, but please choose The Brexit Party.

As well as being the grouping the Tories most fear, it has the added advantages of demonstrating our continuing hostility towards the EU, and not encouraging the delusions of bearded socialists.

Good advice. The Aussies did their bit.

Personally, I would sharpen your advice up a bit. Vote for the Brexit Party. A vote for anything else, even the Monster Raving Loony Party, is going to dilute the message.

A vote for the Lib dems, greens, chuks, is of course a vote for remain not to mention various brands of lunacy on other issues.
Brexit or UKIP are the available options. Vote for the one that is strongest in your area so as to minimise the split in the leave vote. That appears to whittle down to the Brexit party.

The Washington Post has as its motto: "Others cover stories. We uncover them."

What a difference just a couple of days make.

Right Britain, now go to it!

You are quite right, Gentlemen, but my call for 'ABC' (Anyone But Conservatives) was an attempt to encourage those who may not like 'our Nige' to keep well away from the Tories.

Massacring the Tories and Labour will further fragment the political landscape, which will make Brexit even less likely. So I'm with you on that.

In parallel, Teflon Theresa is trying her last assault on the central position with a Trojan Horse tactic ...

She's rapidly becoming the Marshal Ney ...

... of the battle. How many horses did he have shot from under him at Waterloo? Five! Teflon T's on 3, so only two more for a joint claim to the "Bravest of the Brave" title. And I guess a Trojan horse remount for number 4 counts - very classical darling!

If that bill gets through the gates of parliament, the weaponized Remainer amendments that will jump out of the secret hatch will turn it into a super-soft-Brexit, the very worst case for Brexiteers!

It shuld be said a super-soft Brexit will not be the best outcome for hard-Remainers like me, of course. But it's nowhere near as bad an outcome as a no-deal Brexit.

So I'm still for her. I'll take super-soft Brexit if Remain's off the table.

Sabres out, huzzah, and lead the charge! (Or pull the bolt and open the secret hatch).


WaPo, uncovers them then covers them up. If they are damaging to Democrats. The "new" Wapo is a shadow of its former self.

Silly me! I thought Marshal Ney destroyed the French cavalry, a major contribution to the English defeating the French at Waterloo. Of course SoD, your museum at Waterloo seems to think the French won!

Interesting stats ...

No, not the stat that shows Remain parties are ahead of Brexit parties in the EU election polls, but rather this ...

"Asked whether membership of the EU was a positive or negative influence on Britain, 20% of Conservatives said it protected Britons against the excesses and failures of national government, while 54% said it held the British government back from doing what was right for the country.

In all, 52% of Labour supporters saw the EU as a protective influence, compared with 16% who saw it as a drawback. In all other major parties, opinions came down decisively on one side or the other."

Seems Dad's Army are considerably more deluded about their self-worth than the Bolsheviks.

For the Bolsheviks, the football terraces chant: "You're shit, and you know you are" might be their anthem.

But for Dad's Army, it's: "You're shit, and you don't even know you are".

Bout sums it up.


P.S. Nada in the swear box coz I was only quoting.

Good God, and as if by magic the very next article I read provides a heads-up on the utterly dismal dregs, bottom feeders, and barrel-scrapings in line to take the Captain Mainwaring role post-Teflon ...

Just look at the spineless, brainless, answers to those question. Zero basis in principle, reason and conviction. Just nothing.

Sub it out for another 45 years and do us all a favour, will you?


museum at Waterloo seems to think the French won!

Many years since I visited that museum but that was my impression also. In fact I asked an attendant where to find the museum that told the story of the allied victory.

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