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Thursday, 16 May 2019


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It was funny when Monty Python dressed like women and shrieked. The Bard is probably looking down from his cloud having a good laugh. Lighten up.

No, Bob, I will not "lighten up". "Henry IV' is one of the greatest of Shakespeare's plays and 'Falstaff' one of his greatest inventions. They should either do it right or put on a pantomime! 'Bloody wimmin'!

"Sarah Amankwah" seems as if she could be an anagram of Sam Wanamaker, or perhaps "A Ham Wankah". Either way, that picture looks like the bloke who used to front the Black and White Minstrels, and if a cartoonist drew that he would end up on the sharp end of a Twitter-storm about racist stereotypes.

Well back then, the Dark Ages were not that far in the past you know. Either that or she managed to slip over from Calais recently.

Bob do you understand the difference between satire and high drama?

But David, it’s so edgy. And brave.

Can't wait till someone like Alan Carr is cast as Nelson Mandela. Well, it's art, innit?

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