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Monday, 13 May 2019


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The very beautiful and talented Lena Horne passed away on May 9th too but I've seen very little about that. Pity!

Lena Horne.......didn't know that...sad

Aaaaah Doris Day!

Mrs O'Blene and I are usually singing this 'Windy City' several times a week, as at our age, the odd bottom-burp takes precedence over nostalgia...

I didn't realise that she'd gone on for so long, and as she was the sort of gorgeous girl that I remember as a wide-eyed sprog in the fifties, I certainly missed out there!

Scrobs, thanks for that clip and now I remember why I was always rather fond of her - and that dance routine was impeccable!

Scrobs, Thanks for that link I thought she was wonderful. Went to see her in the pictures during the fifties/sixties. Think I have a tear in my eye.

Thank you David and Glesga!

When this came out I remember a friend at school, who was a music nut, telling me that it may well top the charts! It got to No 8, but who cares, it had one of the best intros ever produced as well...

Lena Horne died in 2010.

Doris Day was a bit naughty in A Touch of Mink. She intends to have an unmarried tryst with Cary Grant, but it doesn't come off. Hardly so these days but very risque for the time and for her.

I'm always the last to know. Damn!!

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