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Thursday, 23 May 2019


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It's great fun to watch 'Nige' have a milk shake tossed on him, or have him stay on top a bus to avoid being 'milk shaked'. He's truly a man of all the people!

You have an odd idea of "fun", Bob!

What would you think if it were Hillary Clinton or Mrs. May instead, David?

Milk shake this time - what next from Bob and his friends - acid?

That makes at least two votes for Nigel, as I've just done the same. Given the national popularity of the Tories, that should be enough.

Bob, I would think the perp was a brain-dead trog!

22-year Army vet gets free milk shake from one of Bob's friends.

David I am going to the local school tonight to vote and will vote for the Brexit Party. It is the first time that I will not vote Labour since 1969. I know my local Labour Councillor and advised him accordingly. He respects my view. Like you I have never voted before in an EU election although I did vote to leave the corrupt EEC in the 75 referendum.

There's a real climateer for ya.

Milk comes from cows. Cows fart. Cow farts are destroying the planet. We must destroy all the cows to save the planet.

Throw a milkshake.

Why not a snowcone?

Oh yeah I forgot. "Snow will disappear by the year 2000."

One for Andra ...

"“What I don’t like in the British debate is it seems more important to replace the prime minister than to find an agreement among themselves,” Juncker said in an interview with CNN. “This is a woman who knows how to do things but she is unable to succeed in doing things. I like her very much; she is a tough person.”"

Tough is an understatement. Churchillian is in the right zone.


Just voted for Nigel Farage, as he is the sort of man who gets over the wanker-type shake-chuckers, a man who just notices their instability and uncertainty, and gets on with the way to pay for their benefits, free NHS, food banks etc.

The best publicity for The Brexit Party is the diminishing crowd of mental lightweights doing childish things. Just carry on doing this, morons!

What's the GMT for when we Yanks might look at your returns?

Got a link to whichever gummit office it is posts such?


Rabbits caught in the headlights do have a certain Churchillian dignity. They stand their ground, and by the time they understand the situation, they are already history

Loz, Juncker would say that moreso as a beneficiary of an organisation that makes the Mafia look like a food bank charity.

rapscallion, all that retribution and violence. It is better to have them unelected and they have to work like the rest of us for a lifetime. They may then chose to end it and have their baws cut voluntarily.

In (sort of) defense [defence?] of Bob let's recall Bob is amenable to argument.

Of course we'll need Bob "discover shit" courtesy of his neighbor.


The first thing I had to do this morning was to eliminate various comments for their ugly, and in one case - SoD, are your reading this? - untruthful content. I have better things to do than act as Chief Censor, so get a grip, Gentlemen and stop pissing me off!

Just a thought. If you saw one random guy go into a shop, buy a milk shake, take it up to a second random person and pour it over him- where would your sympathy lie?
The men with the milk shakes are proving to most people that they are uncivilized people as well as that they have completely run out of arguments.
Helped Novel's campaign quite a bit, even if the story about him being trapped in a bus was made up.
The electoral commission demonstrating its bias also helped. Seems to be the third useful thing Gordon Brown has done (the other two were keeping us out of the Euro and speaking up for the Union).

What untruthful comment?

Did a Brexiteer kill Jo Cox MP, or not?


Thomas Mair probably murdered Jo Cox because she wouldn't help him stop his local council moving him out of the house he lived in. Your comments and those of milk shaker Bob, are making things worse than they need be.

No, SoD, a Brexiteer did NOT murder Jo Cox, a sick, lonely Scotsman with a history of mental problems did it. This from Wiki:

"Thomas Alexander Mair, a 52-year-old unemployed gardener[20] born in Scotland, had a long history of mental health problems[21][1] though he was declared sane in the moment of the crime [22] He believed individuals of liberal and left-wing political viewpoints, and the mainstream media, were the cause of the world's problems.[1] He targeted Cox, a "passionate defender" of the European Union and immigration, because he saw her as "one of 'the collaborators' [and] a traitor" to white people.[1]
Mair had links to British and American far-right political groups including the National Front (NF), the United States-based neo-Nazi organization National Vanguard (the successor to the defunct National Alliance) and the English Defence League (EDL); he had attended far-right gatherings and purchased far-right publications,[1][23][24][25] to some of which he had sent letters and expressed support for South African apartheid.[26][27][1] In his home were found Nazi regalia, far-right books,[20][28][28] and information on the construction of bombs.[1][25] He had searched the internet for information about the British National Party (BNP), South African apartheid, the Ku Klux Klan, prominent Jewish people, matricide,[20][28] white supremacism/nationalism, Nazism/Nazi Party, SS/Waffen SS, Israel, mass shootings, serial killers, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., William Hague, Ian Gow (another assassinated MP),[1] and Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (about whose case he collected newspaper clippings). He also owned Nazi iconography and books and films related to the Nazis.[29] A police official described Mair as a "loner in the truest sense of the word ... who never held down a job, never had a girlfriend [and] never [had] any friends".[1] The Guardian said that he "appears to have fantasised about killing a 'collaborator' for more than 17 years, drawing inspiration from" David Copeland.[1]

He could have qualified as leader of the 'The Monster Raving Loony Party'!

Murdered one woman, and now I see, destroyed another.

Two very British women, either side of the red and blue divide, but solid in their Brit charisma: compromise with determination.

Where will you determined uncompromising guys go next, eh? You're no Brits I recognize.


It's funny, isn't it, when liberal Muslims disown Islamists and terrorists as non-Muslim psychopaths, you're the first to deny the disassociation.

Yet when a rightwing Brexiteer murders an MP the disassociation is accepted.

Inconsistent, or stinking hypocrisy, or somewhere in between?


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