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Saturday, 25 May 2019


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I'm certainly claiming no effect but I have been "in touch" (meaning I've got some actual phonecalls from the offices toward which I've directed "communications" ... one guy sent me a form letter though and he may well ... well I'll let it go at that).

Anyway, the text of my most recent communication:

"Honorable Sirs Senators __________ & Congressman __________:

This evening I read courtesy of MSN something supposedly appearing in “our newspaper of record.”

To wit: “It effectively strips the Agency of its most critical power: choosing which secrets it shares and which ones remain hidden.” [NYT]

Now all y’all Honorable Sirs enjoying some Arkansas Experience realize in your roots, as I do, that’s … oh how do I put this so y’alls staffs won’t be offended … “horse biscuits”? Yeah that’s it, the Grey Lady is putting out horse biscuits that’re soon to appear on the chyron lines nightly on cable tv. Prominently this Memorial Day Sunday I expect.

Fellows (I say very deliberately) that ‘horse-biscuit “stuff” requires all y’all Honorable Sirs’ getting out in front of this thing – It’s obvious even from the cheap seats our vaunted and esteemed “Rule of Law” went, to borrow another Arkansas Experience expression - “Haywire.”

Fellows (and don’t email me another d..oggoned form-letter) … I don’t know y’all fully appreciate how it’s seen from the cheap seats but my expectation is it can be smelled east of ________ county to Great Britain to Australia. And all points in between. Maybe even on Easter Island.

Respectfully, JK"


Y'all Brits, if you need me to, I can compose y'all a letter or two too.

If you require such gravity.

In the last two and a half years the Democrats have gone out of their way to make it plain just what they have become. They are "out" in the use of the word today. Along with them is the legacy press. They are "out". This Cold Civil War we have been engaged in will turn hot as Barr releases who did what and when. The origins of this conspiracy run deep into the Obama Adm. It seems to run into a couple of long standing allied nations as well.

Donald Trump represents more than an election loss for the American Left. He is a marker against the advancing global left and Political/Corporate Globalists in general. Rule by "experts" is exposed to be corrupt as an undisciplined and inexperienced outsider can do more good than anyone believed. Every free nation is watching. Ruling elites are watching double close.

Trump is living up to his claim of being a "very stable genius" by taking on the FBI. Because, you know, that worked out so well for Richard Nixon. And because he does everything bigger, he's also taking on some of the international 'spooks'. All geniuses know globalization couldn't possibly include US presidential scandals.

A fired FBI Director, a "lied to Congress" former Director of National Intelligence and a 'stripped of clearance' CIA Director walk into a Barr ...

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