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Thursday, 23 May 2019


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The Navy is run by the MoD. The MoD is run by civil servants. Civil servants don't like servicemen.

BOE has got it in one. Doesn't matter what country in the Anglosphere you care to name it has always been thus - with the possible exception of Samuel Pepys. More time is spent in battle with the pen pushers than at sea doing what your country has spent an absolute fortune to train you for.

I had several postings where a car was supplied for both official use and "off duty" use but it was easier to use my own car off duty than to fill in the endless paper work required by the pen pushers.

In the wide spread of possible ofences against "Good Order and Discipline" the actions of the Commodore would barely make it to a remote appendix to the list. The range of possible breaches it doesn't count. It wasn't as if he was upending the First Lord's wife in the back seat. At most it would warrant a quiet phone call from his immediate superior.

The Commodore would have been more than justified in making the signal to their Lordships - John 11:35

Based on what I can read, I suspect there is more behind this story than we know. "The Skipper" must have spoken some uncomfortable truth to someone sensitive to such things. His mistreatment is a morale killer.

Inthe range of possible breaches it doesn't count

There's another way of looking at this. What sort of a total shit would he have to be for them to nail him this way?

When my dear dad commanded a battalion in Germany, his driver, in the official car, picked him up everyday at home, drove across the river to the base, and back again the same evening. Every day. I, the Colonel's daughter, that that was the norm.

That was the sky version. Reckon your carrier driving admiral laid down a sea penis in his wake?

Speaking of Aircraft Carriers:

If the image lasts more than four hours, call a medic?

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