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Friday, 03 May 2019


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"chaos will reign and that is not good for anyone"

Oh yes it is! ...

Back to the seventies ain't so bad after all!

Get pissed, destroy!


PM May's government may be the "ebb tide" in British politics. A major shock to the system is in order. The Brexit 'shock' should be the beginning.

What price the Cons and Labour being so 'frit' of the likely result of the Euro Election that they get together in a panic and agree to pass Mrs. May's Surrender Bill? Then they can call off the May 23rd election. Wouldn't put it past them.

What Glyn said.

True enough, Glyn and Wiggers, the fat lady ain't singin' yet - in fact she's still warming up!

If what you say comes to pass it will be the greatest manoeuvre of the central position in the history of politics, as well as the toughest fight by a courageous leader with the right strategy who saw it through thick and thin beyond measure.

Or the Lib-Dems win the next election and Blighty's 8% majority for Remain, aka the "will of the people" (dread words), comes to fruition.

Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks have got themselves into a right pickle of their own making. In fact, the Lib-Dems are an accidental beneficiary of yet another manoeuvre of the central position!

In this case, it's rather more like Austerlitz than Tourcoing, with the Austrians and Russians gaffing and leaving a gap between themselves into which Boney dived and carved them up. Realising their mistake, the Austrians and Russians desperately tried to pull back together again, like Glyn and Wiggers describe Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks maybe trying to do, to avoid disaster, but too late.

"War is the continuation politics by other means" - the gift that just keeps on giving.


What Whitewall said.

Timely, lifted from Brendan O'neill via Instapundit:

It isn’t populists who have been beating, shooting and maiming protesters in France for the past six months, causing scores of them to lose eyes and limbs. It’s anti-populists who are doing that.

It is the anti-populists’ hero, in fact – Emmanuel Macron – who is overseeing this extreme state violence and brutal clampdown on French liberty.

It isn’t populists who are seeking to overthrow the largest democratic vote in UK history – the vote for Brexit – and in the process threatening to undermine the very idea of the right to vote. It is anti-populists who are doing that.

It is anti-populists who, exactly as we have been celebrating the 100th anniversary of women and working-class men getting the vote, have tried to block the enactment of something that eight million women and millions of working-class men voted for: Brexit.

It isn’t populists who are marching through the streets in their thousands waving placards mocking the stupidity of ordinary people and demanding that the state unilaterally override these people’s democratic wishes. It’s anti-populists.

Throughout the West our university-credentialed-but-not-educated ruling class has been guilty of an entitled arrogance that is matched almost perfectly by its incompetence and ignorance.

Yuo wish, SoD! But "Predictions are difficult, particularly about the future."

SoD is right that direct democracy has seldom worked. David Cameron, and his gratuitously detrimental referendum, will go down in history as a cautionary tale featuring an idiot.

Well, I've joined the Brexit Party as a supporter. A pity that they hadn't the time to field anyone for yesterday, so I voted for an independent chap and a Greenie, on the grounds that neither could do much harm at local level. Roll on the European elections, and the total destruction of the current "conservatives".

Aye, direct democracy's a bugger when you don't approve of the result! Now, if it had gone the other way...

Glyn Palmer,

I'm American and don't really have a dog in your fight, meaning I mostly don't care how the referendum turned out. It was stupid of Cameron to ask a question with such potentially damaging consequences that he didn't already know the answer for though. Just sayin'.

61% would vote Remain in latest YouGov poll of Remain vs May's deal ...

Even with all three options of No Deal, May's Deal, and Remain, Remain got 53% and the other two together 46%.

Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks must be smelling blood now - their own! So Glyn and Wiggers' prediction of a desperate, cludgy, cobbled-together Brexit that defies the "will of the people" (dread words) looks prescient.

That'll mean more ritualised humiliation for Blighty as Brexit enters the new deal negotiation phase, possibly a decade long ball-grinder straddling multiple elections.

We must pray for May and Corbyn's distrust and stubbornness to hold out and pave the way for a second (third) referendum and a Remain victory.

Then you lot can join up with the fascists and populists of Europe and give the EU a kicking, and vice versa.

And the ordinary folks can can on with their lives and another 45 years of "Accidental Liberty", while the nutters of both factions knock six "Bait-and-Bleed" bells out of each other.


Loz. You are a man of little faith on your own British people. You are like the Scottish Nationalists who want the EU to dictate. When did you lose faith in your own country and people?

What Glesga said.

In my country: when I switched on the telly around 1970-75 aged 5-10 looking for the Magic Roundabout, but instead saw bits of military vehicle and body parts strewn all over a street in Belfast, rubbish piling up in the streets, and a man in a suit from the IMF climbing down the steps of an airplane at Heathrow to tell Denis Healey that Blighty was bust.

In my people: Not yet, looking good actually: we all make mistakes but a 61% "hands up, I called it wrong" is promising. However, voting Bolshevism into Westminster at the next election will be game over for yours truly and the hoi-polloi also.

"If you consider yourself a citizen of the world, then you're a citizen of nowhere". Thinking of renaming my castle "Nowhere".


Here you go Glezza, this is what "your country and people" have come to ...

An individual makes a personal and private stand for something worthwhile.

She is bullied and shown a knife by her fellow people, unprotected by the education and police authorities appointed by the pols, and has to vote with her feet: by changing schools. Then a torrent of bald-faced lies about how "we don't tolerate bullying and violent crime" from the pols and their appointees.

Makes yer praad to be British, don't it?

And you want to abolish the 4 freedoms and lock us in with that vile filth?


Just read the statement from the principal of the state school that she had to leave ...

Hellesdon principal Tom Rolfe said the school did not tolerate bullying and would not actively discourage a pupil from pursuing their passion.

"We promote an ethos that reflects high moral standards, a culture of social responsibility and fosters a safe learning environment for all students," he added.

"All students are respected and their individuality is valued."

Lying piece of human faeces.


A new motto for Blighty:

"Welcome to Hell-esdon."

And here's a punch in the face and a knife in your gut for starters - and don't get any ideas, coz the exit doors are all locked.


SoD, you are describing attitudes and irrationality that have become common in the developed West. This is culture rot not limited to Britain. It simply includes Britain. Call it "post modernism", pathological altruism, radical egalitarianism, advanced rotting caused by too much liberalism, leftism or just plain old cultural Marxism.

The recently freed East European nations were protected from much of this, ironically, by two generations of Soviet communism. Communism as protection from the onset of Western rotting disease!? The avenue of communism is gone, but what remains will be Leftism. Rinse repeat.

Much ironical truth in that, Whiters.

So let's keep the exit doors open, shall we, so when the Gaffer's centrifuge flies right off its rocker and the solids really hit the fan we have an escape route?


Escape. To where? Too many British 'escapees' piling up elsewhere will probably bring the rotting disease with them. Same for us over here.

SoD will probably flee to the Planet Zog!

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