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Monday, 06 May 2019


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And now David it's not only the Australians?

Barney ain't gonna like this news.

If these lines are to be repeated to the population of Ouachita County, Arkansas...there will be a riot! The person reciting these lines will begin sweating like Elton John hitch hiking across Texas!

JK, what is essential in communicating with Aussie troops is to get then to reduce the ratio of four-letter words which can lengthen a ten word sentence to over thirty words by which time you will have lost all meaning and understanding! I speak from experience!

Not, Whiters', if it was *me* declaiming Falstaff's famous words as I once did in a performance that is still spoken of in hushed whispers - very hushed!

I had a lot to do with US service personnel over the years and the only time there was any issue with being separated by a common language was when we were ashore and "on the turps". The same applied to Brit personnel.

When communicating under operational conditions no problems at all.

Aye AussieD aye.

I suspect the problem as reported has more to do with Marines "these days" than anything else. But, having said that, I am the least concerned in that the folks reported on (unlike say, Army folks) used to have the specific knowledge of the matelot lot.) These days my thinking is, that that which was a specific understanding has become "common knowledge."

For my Para acquaintances - it has to do with berthing. AussieD's and mine's youthful acquisitioning of the lingo unencumbered by the Internet. The youth of today being "brought up" heavily freighted in the language.

Her Ladyship's son, very recently Navy retired himself passed to me a term with which his generation of sailors has come to rely on to refer to the Millennial Recruits - LOLmates.


G'day JK. As in loll in a ship; i.e. being vertically unstable?

Depressingly not AussieD,

You've not had much experience with Yank Millennials I take it?

LOL is Internetese. Along with others for example Ship & Salty (no & no & please don't ask), Yeet, GOMB, IKR; etcetera. Related to LOL is Geekin, LOL meaning 'laughing/laughter' and Geekin, same gist but too loud.

I take it from the Girlfriend's freshly retired Seabee son, should a Millennial actually make it out of Signalman's school and onto a ship; and your ship is flagged: Run for the kapok locker. At speed.

I've never heard any Australian say "nah, yeah." What's it mean??

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