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Sunday, 12 May 2019


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You managed to get Brexit and global warming in one cartoon, marvellous!


Nice article by CNN ...

About as overdue as Janet Daley's revelations yesterday, mind.

Billy No Mates Blighty will be the only European state not on the victory parade of valiant states who defeated the federalist project and reformed the EU if the Brexit minority gets its way.

CNN: You couldn't be bothered to do with hot air what your forefathers did with cold steel. Cowards.

JD: You jeopardized the individual freedom and prosperity of Blighty's peeps by rejecting the governance that sustains them. Socialism hails from Westminster not Brussels.

These arguments which BOE thought came from planet Tharg will be coming thick and fast soon in the right wing MSM; JD and CNN are merely the vanguard.

You'll be needing better argument ammo than "Tharg" when the full fury of the right wing MSM gets going with "let's do populism on the inside with our rebel allies on the mainland".

You had a 3 year heads up courtesy yours truly so you can't say you weren't warned.

Time to jump ship - or go down with it.



You remember when you only had to deal with me?

Don't worry JK, I'm having a blogasm over the last few days.

Don't know where it comes from or why. But it will pass. (Until the next time).


if the Brexit minority gets its way.

Now here was I thinking that if you got the most votes in a plebiscite you won. Silly me.

This man seems to know what he is talking about:

"The EU retreated from the ideas of free trade, free markets, and competition and turned its attention, resources and intentions towards developing a bureaucratic, regulatory, planning economy approach which gave more and more economic decisions to bureaucrats, regulators and advocates of redistribution and forced equalization.
Today’s EU is the embodiment of bureaucratic hubris."

Couldn't have put it better myself!

That was then, now is now.

All polls are showing a Remain majority now, even when you add together all the factions of Brexit.

Since when was even Democratic Centralism a one-off thing? If it were, then the first referendum should stand - when Blighty joined the EU.

Luckily for Blighty even her highly centralised democratic constitution still has some flex at 52%. The kind of hung parliament, coalition, compromise politics that abounds in Europe has its presence in Blighty at the closer margins.

Referendum 3 is coming. If you want full-on Brexit you'll have to do better than 52%, even in Blighty's highly centralised democracy.


The longer this farce continues, SoD, the more crushing, to the 'Remainers', will be the result of any second referendum.

Gaffer, 1% of GDP can't be any of the things described by the zerohedge geezer.

If pols could be that productive with 1% of GDP I'd be a Marxist.

1% of GDP in the hands of pols can only regulate, it can't operate, the means of production and distribution. To operate the means of production and distribution, proper Marxist stylee, you need the kind of 40-60% GDP in the hands of pols - as seen in Blighty and the nation states of Europe you adore! Are you Lenin in disguise!

What 1% of GDP pooled by 400 million peeps does say is: a burden shared is a burden halved - or rather, one twenty-eighthed. A shared governance is a cheap governance.

So for 1% we get a regulator, oversight, and governance on our domestic Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks 40% of GDP state theft.

Cheap at twice the price.


"I suspect that, Brexit apart, if you locked six 'Brexiteers' in a room to decide on domestic issues you would get ten opinions and a punch-up!"

That sounds like a room full of American Libertarians. No Libertarian needs an opponent in an election because in a few minutes, he will become his own opponent and defeat himself. He will then explain how firmly he stood on Libertarian principles and wonder aloud why there isn't a fully formed Libertarian Party. All with a straight face.

Bring it on!

Let's settle the matter Battle of Towton stylee - no quarter given or taken!

Excepting that the Wars of the Roses went on for another generation until Bosworth.

The fight will go on whoever wins or loses, but the next one is going to be a humdinger, I grant you that!

Here's some Billy Shakers so flavour the moment! ...

Son: Ill blows the wind that profits nobody.
This man, whom hand to hand I slew in fight,
May be possessed with some store of crowns;
And I, that haply take them from him now,
May yet ere night yield both my life and them
To some man else, as this dead man doth me.
Who's this? O God! it is my father's face,
Whom in this conflict I unwares have kill'd.
O heavy times, begetting such events!
From London by the king was I press'd forth;
My father, being the Earl of Warwick's man,
Came on the part of York, press'd by his master;
And I, who at his hands received my life, him
Have by my hands of life bereaved him.
Pardon me, God, I knew not what I did!
And pardon, father, for I knew not thee!
My tears shall wipe away these bloody marks;
And no more words till they have flow'd their fill.

See, far better all that energy was focused in continental Europe. We're a feisty bunch, leave us with no-one to fight and we'll fight each other.

Or in other words: That breach don't fill itself up with English dead on its own. Best off we get back in there coz it's looking a bit empty.


That's it.

Blogasm over. Reaching for the Kleenex with that guilty, box-set binge, wasted weekend sort of feeling.

"Normal" service can now be resumed.


We didn't get a referendum on joining the EU. We had one on whether we should remain in the Common Market. I expect you were just a twinkle in your father's eye.

I regard George Soros as an enemy financier. Thus a justified target.

AussieD. Getting most votes does not count for anything now in the UK and EU countries. We have a threatening elitist class of people dictating what we should do on their behalf. It is no wonder that they want an EU army to oppress any dissent from the little people

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