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Sunday, 19 May 2019


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The "scruffy old geezer look" is all the rage around here. So much so that I'm out the door in a few minutes for a few hours of bass fishing before the sun knows I'm there! Fashion is no concern.

About the surprise in Oz, this article has a bit of the post Trump mindset:

Power is to be used.

As the Aussies begin to right themselves, another Anglosphere country continues to lose its mind.

I find it incredible that the Oz voters would tell the pollsters porkies.

Ms. Awankah is sporting interesting headgear. Is she in the Parachute Regiment?

Glad you and SoD had a good time, but I hate to see you not arguing. This should turn him into a Brexit supporter for sure:

"The UK renewable energy capacity has surpassed fossil fuels for the first time, which is being described as a ‘major milestone’ for the industry, despite fears that a no-deal Brexit could de-stabilise the power sector."

Brexit de-stabilization will have you all breathing coal smoke again in no time and really show those stupid, dishonest greenie scientists!

'W', yes, I took a hard look at her headgear but I think not!

Bob, speaking for myself but also probably for several zillions of others, I think we can take a bit of "Brexit de-stabilization". We'll just put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea!

Timbo telling pollsters porkies is a long standing Oz tradition.

The post event scurrying around by pollsters trying to explain how and why they got it wrong is hilarious - and it is going on right now down here,

Even better than that one of the local bookmakers paid out an even million last Thursday on the basis that Labor [the bastards can't even spell] was a shoe in so why wait to pay out and the punters got their money. Then came Saturday and the real result. Said bookies may find it hard to find the punters and I'm not all that sure that even if they did they could demand their money back. Adds more to that old saying about a fool and his money.

Life is returning to normal in the great south land - well it is if you disregard the wailing and whining of lefties.

Hell hath no Fury greater than a Lefty who loses in a surprise:

Same attitudes expressed about Trump and Brexit. Same elitist arrogance, same condescending comments about those "lesser people".

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