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Sunday, 05 May 2019


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The peasants have displeased their rulers and PM May has to fix it.

Gardening can be dangerous. Don't overdo it and look out for nasties hiding in the bushes.

David, you need to get help in to do the physical labour in the garden. A few hours at the living wage rate for a youngster! Take a few Bob out of your ISA and relax.

Learning a foreign language makes Brit kids mentally ill ...

Makes ya praad to be British, don't it?


As I recall David you're into Americana?

That's actually a pretty funny tale. Heck I'm betting Andra will offer insight.

Not Bob though. Bob doesn't like anything.

Drei beer bitte alt hexen. Driemal beer bitte und bratwurst mitt zweibal und pomme frittes mitt tomaten ketchup.

Glesga, that is sho'nuff some strange eenglish!

Whitewall, it was my old CSM ordering food and drink for us young squaddies away back in the Cold War. Dearly missed.

Hahaha, Glezza, no mental illness in your regiment's CSM then!

Funnily enough, a builder friend recounted us on Sat night of his days in the 80's working over in Germany in the "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet" epoch. His German was not dissimilar to your CSM's.

A country broken by statism, collectivisation and authoritarianism found its saviour, and in the cleanup decade the peeps emigrated to survive and thrive, a friendly nation took them in.

Could be the story of Poland 1990's or Blighty 1980's.

My mates comment ref the four freedoms, particularly freedom of movement: "Out of my cold dead hands, mate, for my sake and the kids'".

Funny old game when the boot's on the other foot, ain't it?

Language and travel. The two essences of Liberty for the individual. Both in the cross-hairs of Blighty's modern day pols and their appointees, funny that too, eh?

Is this the Sunday Rumble or the Monday jokes post?


God, our masters are a transparent lot. Neither main party dare face an General Election, so their plan is to club together and get Mrs. May's bill through, cancelling the Euro Election and shooting Mr. Farage's fox. Then another referendum, this time with choices designed to split the Leave vote. (I expect one choice will be 'Remain'; funny that, I seem to remember we've already had a vote on Remaining or Leaving.)

PS. Wot? No Monday Funnies?

No, no, Glyn, my 'Monday Funnies' are purely for the poor wage slaves hacking away at the coal face on a Monday morning - but it's a Bank Holiday so the lazy good-for-nothings are down the pub or watching football!

Your cousins don't get a bank holiday today.

"Then another referendum, this time with choices designed to split the Leave vote."

Glyn, I think they'll go with a three way preference / transfer vote. So Leavers of one preference get to use their second choice Leave if they lose (come third) with their first choice.

That'd be fair. Won't save you, mind.

And when you lose, it will well and truly bury the issue for another 45 years. Whereas a May-Corbyn deal vs Remain two-way only choice would invite a boycott by the No Dealers, with continued post-referendum Brexit vs Remain struggles.


Quite right, missred, but you have Mr. Trump as a President and he's a laugh a minute!

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