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Friday, 24 May 2019


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Some people make it to the top only to fall off just after.

I agree. Very disturbing. What is the point? I hear that the trash at certain base camps is overflowing, including dead human bodies.

Uhmmm ... David?

I do recall the subject coming up but do not recall the specifics. Other than Michael Adams suggesting lots of water. I think me and perhaps missred mentioning cranberry juice?

You are a kindly fellow, JK, but not for the first time you confuse me. I'm not suffering with kidney stones - thank God! - because my, er, 'piddling problem' is due to the 'death ray' treatment I received to sort out my prostate cancer which it may well have done, according to my latest test, but which also wrecked my, er, 'waste disposal' system! But, hey, it doesn't hurt, its just inconvenient, particularly if there is not a 'convenience' to hand!

Those are Extinction Rebellion disciples trying to escape rising sea levels.

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