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Thursday, 16 May 2019


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Our current political masters are doing their best to control the new media, of course, but their failure to do so may well be our salvation. Governments can no longer dictate the flow of news; gaffes and promises stick around on the internet forever; and informed pundits (like us here!!) can freely exchange ideas. It is only recently that we have seen what a comprehensively useless set of pillocks are in positions of power. Freedom beckons, if only we have the courage.

A kind of Proto Protestantism existed as far back as the Peasants' Revolt, 1387(?)Chaucer, living during that time, had some rude words for Bishops and other clergy who grew fat on the People's substance, and and, conversely, had kind words for the simple country priests who lived no better than the peasants in their congregations.

Contemporaneously, Wycliffe and his Lollards were early rebels against the authority of the Roman Church. He also translated much of the Bible into English, and let people read it for themselves, even before there were printing presses.

Certainly there were men, like Thomas More, who worried that a monarch without the restraining hand of the Church would become a tyrant, as Henry turned out to be. Yes, indeed, there are some fine people who worry now about a Government free of the restraints imposed by the EU. They may be wrong, but their reasoning is sound. It's just that life is not always reasonable nor logical.

Whatever, freedom did not begin with Henry, but it did have its origins in the Bible.

Luther did a good job in exposing the the mad dogma of the Catholic Church however he like the Catholic Church was unfriendly towards Jews.

For a synopsis of Luther's anti-semitism see

What's more it is a Christian publication.

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